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CHOSEN SCENARIO #1 – Weight Loss Optimizer
Motivational E-mail to Staff

To: All Staff Members
Subject: Weight Loss Optimizer

Greetings Staff,
The strength and success of our weight loss supplement line continues to head in the right direction with the promise of continued growth thanks to our new product, Weight Loss Optimizer. Weight Loss Optimizer’s incredible statistics solidifies that the product helps customers lose weight and, just as importantly, helps them keep it off. Our research and statistics are supported by clinical testing conducted by independent research facilities. We were fortunate to have acquired this product from a smaller company that could no longer keep up with the product’s demand, an extraordinary benefit to our potential success, as the product is accompanied by a “built-in” customer base. Taking this “built-in” customer base in mind, along with our ability to manufacture larger quantities of the product, we believe strongly that Weight Loss Optimizer will find a tremendous growth in sales.
As always, however, Weight Loss Optimizer does come with its share of challenges. The previous owner encountered issues with our current manufacturer’s, Pills Inc., ability to ensure sufficient supplies of pill casings. We are actively researching additional suppliers for our pill casings, in order to, at bare minimum, solidify a backup supplier in the event that Pills Inc. is unable to meet our demand.
In addition to the potential shortage of casings, the product’s 10% failure rate has caused some customer backlash, which we are addressing by ensuring the product’s packaging provides a more noticeable and clear explanation of the product’s regime. We also plan on conducting several focus groups, with both satisfied and dissatisfied customers, and are in the process of developing survey based marketing materials, to help gain a…...

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