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Realistic vagina by Topco. Review is sponsored by EdenFantasys. Write your own review. Add resource. Lain, My Lady Chasey Lain has a pussy and ass that is begging to be Adult chasey doll lain sex. From her large labia to her smooth anal canal, this is one realistic that you'll find yourself using over and over again. Published: February 5, I've never been a huge fan of cyberskin vaginas.

Upkeep can be a pain in the ass, overtime they get sticky or greasy, and they require serious effort when it comes to their storage by themselves and in a cool, dry place. This time around I don't mind, Miss Lain is worth it. This Adult chasey doll lain sex a solid vagina. Weighing in at 3 lbs, this is Adult chasey doll lain sex realistic that will stay firmly on the bed. It did not move or skid around, it stayed right where I laid it from start to finish.

Unfortunately, because it is cyberskin, which is a highly porous material, it will pick up any lint or debris that are on your sheets. The same goes for the interior, condoms are definitely recommended not only because this pussy is a lint trap but also because of phthalates. Those Adult chasey doll lain sex lumps of labia were made for playing with. They extend off of the mold and wrap around your cock while you pump in and out Adult chasey doll lain sex her smooth, open-ended vagina.

When I first took the pussy out of the box it was sticky, a few squeezes of the included "cyberskin renew" powder and in an instant those lips were as smooth as real skin. It felt like a real woman's lips, the sole reason to me, why it warrants the higher price tag. Also, unfortunately, Adult chasey doll lain sex out of the box, this vagina does have a smell to Adult chasey doll lain sex, a commonality shared amongst cyberskin toys. Washing the realistic with liquid antibacterial soap and allowing it to air dry will help to curb the smell.

While both the vaginal canal and anal canal were long enough Adult chasey doll lain sex freely thrust, I had an issue with tearing. I used solely water-based lubricant in Lain's ass. It's a tight hole so I struggled to squeeze into it and in the process of thrusting and pumping, the cyberskin ripped a little. I've never had that happen with a realistic before but I suppose there's a first time for everything.

I recommend care and caution, and to use an overabundance of lube; I may have used too little lube which would justify the damage done and chalk it up to me not using my Adult chasey doll lain sex. As I said, the vaginal canal and anal canal are long enough to freely thrust.

I didn't pop out of the ends which is a first for me. Both the vaginal canal and anal canal are connected to the same exit hole, if you thrust just right straight not upwards with the curve to the exit you'll actually press against the side instead of popping out of the hole. Both canals are smooth, there isn't any ribbing and I actually preferred this. The other realistics I've tried have been extremely textured which caused me to cum too fast and left me a little raw American indian pussy sex videos the water-based lubes absorbed and ran dry.

Both Lain's vagina and ass were silky smooth without any bumps or ridges and with the right amount of lubricant, it was the best sex simulator I've found. It comes equipped with an egg as well.

This egg is actually very powerful but that means it's noisy as well. One issue I had was that I didn't like that the egg didn't have a predesignated spot.

The other realistics I've tried have had cutouts for their eggs in the thighs or legs, this egg you were just Adult chasey doll lain sex to pop into the exit hole.

I tried using it in the asshole, Adult chasey doll lain sex unfortunately made the tight fit. I then proceeded to use it in the exit hole but it required shorter thrusts. The choice is yours on where you want to stick it, but I made the decision early on to not use it at all. As this toy is cyberskin, only water-based lubricant is recommended and a 1 oz sample of very watery, runny Climax H20 is included. I did try Pjur Original with this which Scissor lesbian fuck flash a silicone lubricant and there weren't any negative chemical reactions.

Adult chasey doll lain sex toy didn't melt or become gummy but the silicone lubricant harden into a paste. Inspecting the toy after use with a silicone lubricant it looked exactly the way it did, but to prevent any possible damage from happening to your new pussy, stick with water-based lubes only.

All in all, Lane's is a great realistic vagina. It's solid, it's smooth, and it has a large Indian aunty showing her back you can fall in love with.

This product was provided free of charge to the reviewer. This review is in compliance with the FTC guidelines.

About author. I like how you compared this toy to other similar toys, but how does it feel compared to a real woman? Average Joe. Compared to a realistic pussy? Close, very close. Of course it isn't the same where elasticity is concerned, natural ribbing, the fact that this doesn't buck back onto your cock. But it's the best compared to other vaginal toys. For those that rated this "not useful at all" is there any specific information you're looking for?

Viktor Vysheslav Malkin. Nice review Was the positioning a pain? Some of the realistic vaginas' are positioned weird, or you have to get in weird positions to correctly use them. You guys get some cool things to play with, but you probably say the same thing about the ladies' toys. This sounds like it's rather big - not something you might want out on display.

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