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It was early morning when Macy got to work. She clocked in and went to check in with the head nurse. She got her report Bent over skirt lifted began doing the bed checks.

She was called in and didn't mind making the extra cash. She walked down the empty hall reading the reports as she tripped over a Bent over skirt lifted chair. She fell to her stomach and Bent over skirt lifted nice ass was in the air.

She looked around and got up. She bent over to get the papers as he spotted her nice ass. He smiled and Bent over skirt lifted as his dick hardened. He was old and hadn't been Bent over skirt lifted a woman forever.

He liked what the twenty year old Macy had. A great skinny body, nice round c cups and an ass to die for. She went about her business as he waited for his bed check. Macy took care of the others and got to his room. She looked at her watch and smiled. She turned and walked away. He sat up and looked around.

She took her break and left him hanging with an idea. He laid back down and waited her return. Bent over skirt lifted didn't know what he was planning for her sexy, young body. She finished her break and went back to work.

Macy stopped to check in at the nurse's station. She filled out her report and walked towards his room. He was anticipating her arrival as she walked in with the pitcher of cold water. He opened his eyes and smiled at Bent over skirt lifted She stood beside him as he checked out her nice ass and good sized tits. Macy Bent over skirt lifted a brunette and was well groomed. Only nineteen, she had a good job, no boyfriend and no kids. She was a sexy woman but needed touched once in a while.

He smiled as she bent over and her pants showed her panty lines. He wanted to feel her up so bad, his seventy Delilh g porno photo year old cock hardened.

He smiled at the feeling of it. She turned and reached across him to fix his sheet. His hand slipped between her open legs unnoticed to the young C. Macy's firm breasts was on his chest as he got excited. He had the chance and smiled as he got ready to seize the moment. He made his move and smiled at the thought of screwing her. He reached up and grabbed Macy's crotch and lifted her up. She let out a startled scream as he flipped and pinned her to the bed.

She looked up as the man smiled and ripped her top off showing her pink bra. She looked as he popped the snaps and revealed the firm rack. He began sucking as he rubbed his hard cock against her crotch. Macy couldn't scream as the feeling was overtaking her. He was turning her skinny body on fast and real good.

He reached down and pulled her pants down showing her pink thong and nice legs. He smiled and with a single move, her thong was removed and her young pussy exposed as he put his face to it and Bent over skirt lifted. She closed her eyes and moaned as he ate her out.

Her twenty year old pussy tasted good as she got off in his mouth. He got back on top and aimed his old dick at the hole.

He rammed and forced it deep into her as she squealed. Her legs went up as he began to fuck her hard and as fast as he could. Macy was taking the forced sex as she moaned and Bent over skirt lifted. He had her right where he wanted her.

He smiled as her pussy flowed with Bent over skirt lifted cum. She tightened her lips around his cock as she got off. He grunted and kept going as she arched her back.

He was enjoying her tightness and she took it good. Her nurse was no where to be found since she went to break. Macy had no one to help her with the situation. The old man had his trophy and was going to keep it as long as he could. Macy was getting weak as the hour flew by. He was fucking her real good Bent over skirt lifted his age and knew how to make her cum. He pulled her hair and teased her hard nipples. She felt her body grow tired and looked as he smiled at her.

Macy felt him thrust deep and slow down as he worked on his cum. She realized he was going to fill her up with his cum as he held her throat down to the bed and he closed his eyes. Her eyes widened as she felt him filling her fertile body. He looked down as he finished. He pulled out and smiled as she fainted. He stood up as the elevator dinged. His step daughter walked in and saw the scene.

He spun and grabbed her throat and smiled at her. She Bent over skirt lifted at Macy and realized he was going to get inside her.

Tiffany looked down as he reached up her skirt and felt her bare pussy. She Sexy women lingerie black stockings as he fingered her. He spun her around and bent her over. He lifted her tight jean skirt and slipped inside her and fucked Bent over skirt lifted. She cried for help Bent over skirt lifted her step father fucked her tight pussy. She was unable to fight him as her cum dripped from around his dick.

He kept pounding her hard as he made her cum. She looked Bent over skirt lifted as no one was around to help her or Macy. He began smacking Tiffs firm ass cheek making her moan with every hit. He laughed as he felt her cum again. You tight little bitch! He heard the nurse talking and decided to finish fucking Tiff. He exploded inside her and she felt it as it rushed into her.

She went to scream as he punched her in the back of the head. She fell to the floor and he stood over her as his dick dripped cum to her ass. He tore her top off and used it to wipe his dick off.

He put it away and heard the nurse walking towards his room. He waited in the door way as she walked into him. He smiled and grabbed her tits. She looked down as her top and bra were torn off. She struggled and fell to her ass as he got a hold of her brown hair and shoved his cock down her throat and forced her to suck.

Christina swallowed the cum shots and he released her head. She looked up as he fell to his knees holding his chest.

She looked as he fell face first between her open legs. He used his tongue against her tight scrub pants and she felt it turning her on. He looked up and smiled as he pulled the Bent over skirt lifted down Bent over skirt lifted slipped the white lacy panties to the Bent over skirt lifted. She whimpered as he licked and sucked her shaved pussy.

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