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For Degas, whose oeuvre mostly dates from the s Degas woman combing her hair aroundWomen Combing Their Hair from the mids is a fairly early work and the earliest by the artist in The Phillips Collection. It shows one of the first manifestations of a subject that would occupy him throughout his career, culminating in dramatic late pastels.

The awkward poses women assume in the privacy of their boudoir whether bathing or grooming themselves engaged Degas endlessly and became a perennial subject central to his work. In this painting executed in oil on paperDegas shows three views of a young woman combing her hair.

She stands, her long tresses hanging down the right side of her body; she is seated on a chair with her hair thrown over her head, and she sits on the ground, combing it over to the left side of her head.

Barefoot and dressed in a chemise, she could be moving about Degas woman combing her hair dressing room, but Degas Degas woman combing her hair the image by giving it a landscape setting, presumably a pure invention and one that unites the figures in time and space. In so doing, the work goes to the heart Degas woman combing her hair an approach that would absorb the artist for the rest of his life, the challenge of conveying movement.

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