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As you can probably tell from out Thanksgiving Poca-Hotness feature, Native American women top our list. Let us show you! The never-ending debate over Fergie will rage on until we meet our makers. Did we miss a Lord of the Rain Dance orgy or something? She was cast in Melrose Place but was fired because she was pregnant and sued Aaron Spelling.

Haha, we made up that last part about the malfunctioning contraceptive. Hot sexy native american indian women the 19th Century, polygamy was common amongst the Cherokee. She also released a country music album in May of this year. I wonder if fist pumping is allowed during rain dances. Happy birthday, Salli. I feel like the Cherokees are the Caucasians of the Native American Hot sexy native american indian women only not as oppressive and privileged.

Uh, moving along…. You can find her on our list of the hottest Texans. Ouch, Washington, D. Very ouch. One thing sure not to change is her Native American heritage. We apologize. You can ogle without concern, guys. Ursula was case 5 on Deal or No Deal for four seasons. She Hot sexy native american indian women the cover model for Juiced 2, appearing in their commercials as well.

People named her one of the most beautiful people. The Cherokees historically settled in the southeast U. The more you know! That should be a sitcom… or at least a lesbian buddy cop softcore flick on Skinemax. Invention alert: peace pipe that doubles as a funnel.

Those two groups absolutely LOVE each other. She makes songs that no guy will admit to owning and is an inspiration to single ladies everywhere. Megan recently married her on-and-off bf Brian Austin Green and handed off her role as lead hot girl in the Transformers franchise to Rosie Huntington. We were pumped when rumor spread she might be the next Wonder Woman and we questioned those who called her a freakshow for her thumbs. We give her double thumbs up for being Jimmy bona big jock baseball dreamweaver.

This Girl of Machete and eco-friendly actress has perfected the ass-out pose prompting numerous copycats. DNA tests on Lopez Tonight really? Not only is she one of the hottest girls in country music but one of the most bangable in the entire music industry as well.

Of course, Mr. Fisher might bang your face with his fist if you try anything, but you have free will, do what you want. Her ancestors once Hot sexy native american indian women a land dispute with the Choctaw. We say let her and Biel settle this in the mud wrestling ring.

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