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Have Normal bikinis on the beach ever felt out of place in your cheeky bikini and wished you knew before putting it on in your hotel room that you'd be the center of attention at the beach?

For Brazilian bikini addicts like us, it's always good to come prepared and know what to expect when travelling to a new destination. Cheeky bikinis are all over Normal bikinis on the beach media and the Teen Culture seems to love them, especially in California and Florida.

Normal bikinis on the beach recommendation: California and Florida are "cheeky bikini" friendly, however be prepared to get some looks if you wear a revealing bikini in other states. Local populations have adopted the Brazilian bikini trend - Tahitian vahines also love going topless! These regions are home to many conservative catholic countries where the bikini culture is still backwards - in countries like Belize or Guatemala some women swim in their clothes!

Note that touristy destinations like Cancun Mexico or the pacific coast of Costa Rica are exceptions and wearing a cheeky bikini there is more common. What we said in. To conclude, be aware of cultural sensitivities and respect the local bikini culture when you travel. It will save you unwanted attention and drama.

Topics: Bikini. Take care Girls! October 14, You Might Also Like. Never Miss a Post. Receive the latest news via email. What We Do. We design Brazilian style surf bikinis for all the cool girls out there!

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