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We've moved! Formerly at Bryn Mawr College, Serendip is now an independent site partnering with faculty at multiple colleges and universities around the world. Please update your bookmarks, and happy exploring. On the athletic field, in the gym, or on the ice, there have always been standards for the athletes to follow. These standards range from what type of athletic equipment is not only necessary but appropriate, to who can play when, where, and how.

The same goes for women, can females, without fear, really participate in traditionally male dominated sports?

Although the social costs to the individual participating in the non-traditional sport are many, the benefits, if played well and correctly, can be and are quite plentiful as well. For men, this desire to participate in traditionally female dominated sports is not quite as great as it is for females. This is because, honestly, men have a wealth of opportunities for athletics, whether it be professional or not, for every one chance women have.

But, in the case that a male does want to participate in a female dominated sport, he will have a hard time being Shy wife learn to fuck, not necessarily by his female teammates, but by the society watching the sport. Traditionally, male athletes are supposed to be in rough and tumble sports. They are supposed to be hard bodied, Nude girl playing with boys balls about the game, and willing to play no matter what the circumstances.

Most female sports, even the female counterpart of a male sport, is less rough and tumble and less aggressive than male sports.

This can not only be damaging to the male playing, but it can also be damaging to the women playing. The jeers could become aimed at the women on the field or the ice and they could hint that women are not only incapable to play, but that since they need a man Nude girl playing with boys balls join their team to help them, they obviously do not belong anywhere but on the sidelines.

This previous example is probably a little extreme, but the ideas behind it are quite real. Imagine a man walking onto the Nude girl playing with boys balls of a swimming pool, ready to compete in synchronized swimming. There may not be jeers Nude girl playing with boys balls at him, and he may not get made fun of, but he is not looked upon favorably by those watching the event.

If, however, he is looked upon favorably, in whatever female dominated sport he is participating, the benefits could be plenty. Imagine the publicity the team would get, not to mention the only man on the team! The endorsements for athletic equipment, shoes, and many other things could support him for the rest of his life after just one year of playing. Again, this is something that is not very common for men at the professional level, or even at an amateur level because of the fact that men have more opportunities to Nude girl playing with boys balls than women.

The main argument that is used almost regardless of the sport for women participating in traditionally male dominated sports is that the female body is not made to correctly function while participating. Also, the idea that the women will lose their femininity if they play with men is another reason to keep them off the field and out of the ring.

For women to be taken seriously in a male dominated sport they have to not only be the best female in the ring, gym, or wherever, they also have to be the best overall athlete.

Traditionally, women are thought of as more fragile, and less aggressive than men. With this in mind, it is clear the reasons why it is so difficult for women to participate in male dominated sports.

The costs to a woman playing with a man in the ring or on the field are more numerous than simply getting laughed at and called names. Usually, to really see the extent to which women can take playing with the boys, the men will usually play their hardest, if not harder in an attempt to push the women to their limits and eventually make them quit.

She will not only most likely be the star and the sweetheart of the team, but she will also most likely get the most attention both in and out of the game. Also, the endorsements for a woman playing with men are unimaginable, especially with all the feminists behind her and supporting her, she will most likely never have to worry about money again.

The one problem with all of this though, is that she will probably have to be defending her sexuality constantly from those that think all female athletes are gay. For men and women to participate in sports not traditionally dominated by their sex is probably a lot more difficult at first than would seem worth it, but in the end it could be a major stepping stone into the world of athletics as well as the rest of society.

The costs to both seem, at first, almost insurmountable, but once they have become versed in the ways of the sport, the benefits out rule it all. I was the best player on the team amd recieved a lot of MVP's. Sincxe i am omly 13 i still have lots to accomplish and i say yeah to ALL the girls who think they can handle the sport!!!!!!!!!!!!

S- on my team after the games boys couldn't even tell i was a girl until' i took my helment off becouse i was that good, i am not afraid to brake a nail and i am not preppy i am "a football playin' female repin' all da guhs!!!!! I am 14 years old and so into football Its not that i wanna play with the "big boys" as your Nude girl playing with boys balls states.

I just like to play football. I am not trying to prove myself in anyway. What i'm trying to say is i disagree with the argument why females play male teams. I have wanted to since my Nude girl playing with boys balls started to play. When i was in middle school a whole bunch of my friends Nude girl playing with boys balls to Nude girl playing with boys balls the school to make a girls football team but the principle said"we dont have the money" yea right!

We even said that we would use the boys football jersey. Later to find out that they thought we wouldnt win any of the games. Im in high school now i am thinking about joining watch out boys here i come! My name is alexis and i am just starting my third year of wrestling. I'm on a guy's team.

They made us to extra laps because they thought we were Nude girl playing with boys balls, now i mustt say my partner was a bit lazy and slower than everyone else but she still tried!

Well im a girl 13 years old who has a passion for Football. Yes, Ive played football. You dont understand how hard girls work for what they do. I bet any girl plays any game better than you. So you shouldent talk. I believe that Boys and girls are even. And yes I myself am a girl.

I am actually writing an essay about this matter and I came n here for information. All I found was that boys are jerk by countless comments of boys saying that there better then us. They are really not. Now Girls aren't better.

But not all boys are jerks I also saw a few boys who agreed. So Thanks to Nude girl playing with boys balls people. Thanks for reading. Recently there was an incident where a girl goalie in hockey made a REP hockey team was only girl on team and she did deserve to be there and because of rules stating a league can only field 1 team due to numbers than team must be play rep division try outs are required a young boy goalie had no where to play and therefore did not that year.

At the same time there wa a girls only league in the area that this same girl goalie played on and was the only goalie they had and because of that she played all the games there. So your right girls and boys should be on the same but, I think the reason for boys and girls on separate teams is because some boys get too rough and some girls aren't that rough and don't like being tackled and I know what your thinking if they don't won't to get hurt than why?

Do they even play and I don't know about that either so if you have anymore questions about it just email me at one of these emails. I love playing basketball and I am really good but no guys pad to me because they think I'm not good. A group of guys and 2 girls would play Nude girl playing with boys balls before school the only way I got to play was asking not invited They got in trouble for not playing with a guardian watching them Nude girl playing with boys balls then they started again but didn't invite me.

Its super annoying when guys don't invite you to do sports just cause you are a girl. I'm Nude girl playing with boys balls boy and I just ended my freshman year in H. All sports bore me to death so I really don't care who plays what sport with whom. But one thing is certain: everything needs to be kept even and fair. Now we do have two girls who play on boy's football teams and nobody seems to have a problem with that.

However, my greatest passion is crossdressing but I am limited to womanless beauty pageants and am not allowed to participate in girl's beauty pageants and that is not fair and even. Even as a boy I am frequently being mistaken for a girl and when I dress as a girl I always truly pass as a real teenage girl so Nude girl playing with boys balls is no reason why I should not be Nude girl playing with boys balls to participate in girl's pageants.

Also, where I live Mobile, Alabamagirls who are seniors can become Azalea Trail Maids and again, no boys may be considered to be Trail Maids and that is just plain wrong. I should be allowed to compete to be a trail maid as long as I can look dress and act like a Southern Belle and the fact that I cannot is discrimination cut and dried! I know girls are supposed like fragile and all but girls like me want to get down and dirty Nude girl playing with boys balls not be all girly and stuff.

I think girls are just as tough as boys if not tougher. We have to give birth to babies and stuff and boys just make the babies thats all they do they dont deliver the baby. In sports like wrestling, girls are allowed to participate so why cant we participate in football and sports like that too. It is just dumb to me that we cant play on boys teams. Nude girl playing with boys balls agree that girls should be able to play in boy sports. I played football with my guy friends, however they would tease by saying " should we d touch tackling?

Girls are stronger than boys think, we can play sports with the boys as equals. No special treatment, or going easy, we can take it. Asian bbw panty nude fake a dude and I know some girls that could kick ass in any sport.

I play lacrosse and ther is a girls version wher the can't hit each other at all. In boys you can body slam and wack each other. As I watch the girls play, I notice that some of them look like the want to go full on boys lacrosse, but they can't. I've known one girl who played against me and hit me to the ground and took the ball from me. Some girls Nude girl playing with boys balls tougher than some boys. Hi my name is Mysterious and I want boys and girls to play on the same team i mean its only fair boys can play football and girls cant wheres the fun in that and girls arent "weaker" or less "phisical" i know i cant spell dont point it out an i wish the world would just have peace again i mean really stop the hatred please im not asking im telling you.

I do not think all women are meant to play this sport, but the same applies to men. What I do agree with is that women aren't structured like men and some workouts that my team does are very intense on a woman's body compared to a males. In no way am I saying that females cant do it, but it is a challenge and you have to be willing to do it. I love it, even though Nude girl playing with boys balls know I'm not the strongest or fastest but I have the most drive and dedication Nude girl playing with boys balls the sport.

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