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Ahsoka and her fellow padawan Anakin waited inside the elevator to the apartment of Senator Padme Amidala. Ahsoka was rather excited. She had been recently assigned to Obi-Wan Kenobi as his padawan only a few months ago. It was a rare occurrence among the Jedi to assign two padawans to the same master but for one reason or another the exception was made. In Ahsoka's mind there was little doubt that it had something to do with Anakin being "The Chosen One". Perhaps they thought he could handle the lack of attention.

In their short time together Ahsoka also realized how similar they were in regard to the way they viewed many issues regarding the Jedi, the council and their teachings.

They were even both the same age of nineteen. The two of them also often held frustrations about the Jedi's strict regulations on attachment and things of the sort. It really started to come to the forefront once again as Anakin wouldn't stop talking about this senator they had been tasked with protecting in the wake of an assassination attempt upon her.

Just then the elevator reached the penthouse apartment. The two Jedi exited the elevator to find Padme and her handmaiden Dorme sitting in the living room along with the security officer Captain Typho standing guard in the corner.

They advanced forward and introduced themselves. Anakin nearly at a loss for words greeted the senator as well but Ahsoka herself was lost in thought.

She was captivated by the senator and her immense beauty. The stories that Anakin had told her certainly were no understatement. She struggled to contain her excitement as she felt her crotch begin to itch. Just then Anakin snapped her out of it when he asked her to help carry the senator's bags. The two Jedi along with the senator and her Fall off full nappy cartoon porn then made their way to a public transport that gave them safe passage back to the home world of Padme Amidala.

While traveling in hyperspace Anakin left their table along with Dorme to get some food for the group leaving Ahsoka and Padme alone. Ahsoka caught off guard replied quickly, "Well Padme smiled, "Is that so? She placed her hand over Ahsoka's. Ahsoka blushed, "Um She struggled to contain her excitement once again as she felt the stirrings beneath her skirt. Padme opened her mouth to reply when suddenly she was cut off as Anakin and Dorme returned with the food.

The two of them both laughing Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked each other's jokes and generally having a good time. Padme then looked back Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked Ahsoka and couldn't help but smile. A short while later the party reached Naboo and traveled to Padme's private estate. After they had gotten settled in Ahsoka found herself looking out over the water on the balcony.

She was lost in thought, captivated by the Senator they were sent to protect. Ahsoka felt her hormones stirring once again beneath her skirt when Padme suddenly came up from behind her wearing a nice summer gown.

Padme put her hand on Ahsoka's shoulder Kiss her anal area let it drift down Ahsoka's back. Ahsoka's body shivered with anticipation knowing that she had to conceal her true feelings. Padme then spoke, "So Ahsoka Ahsoka gasped, "No I mean Ahsoka found herself lost in the pleasure, she had never been this Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked with someone before.

The two engaged passionately until Ahsoka once again felt her nether regions burning but this time she wasn't the only one. Padme gasped as she felt something protruding and pressing against her, "You You have a? I've never showed anyone before! Padme's look of surprise melted into one of deviousness.

Come with me! Padme then led Ahsoka into her living room, Johnny test girl johnny naked was dimly lit with leather couches and velvet walls with a campfire at the back wall.

Padme came closer to Ahsoka and locked eyes with her, as she did this she took a moment to observe the body of the young Togruta.

It was matured to a point where her breasts and curves were noticeable especially due to her revealing outfit which left little to the imagination. She Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked nothing but a mini skirt and a tube top on along with her custom boots and gauntlets. Padme thought to herself, "Hard to believe that someone who dresses so slutty can still be a virgin. Well let's fix that". Padme slithered her hand down until she reached Ahsoka's top, she slid it off of the orange girl and looked in awe at her dark hard nipples.

Padme then began to fondle the Togruta's breasts as she once again made her away inside Ahsoka's mouth. Ahsoka lost in the pleasure and how good it felt gave herself over to Padme wanting the more experienced woman to take hold of her and give her the satisfaction she so desired. Padme pulled back to observe the Togruta only for her to say, "Padme Please don't stop".

Padme couldn't Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked but smile in response as she knew she was about to have her way with her. Padme removed her own dress by unzipping it in down Suck huge japanese tits back, leaving herself standing with only her under garments on.

Ahsoka's mouth watered at the sight of her body. It was smooth and riddled with curves. She had only a pair of black stockings on with four inch heels to match her tight black bra and g-string panties. Padme then slid her fingers over Ahsoka's orange hips, slowly pulling her mini skirt all the way Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked as she descended into a crouched position. Her skin tingled with hot-blooded lust as she saw the bulge beneath Ahsoka's tight white panties with a visible stain on them.

It was the moment she had been waiting for. Padme pressed her face against the bulge's hard warmth, inhaling Ahsoka's musky scent. She kissed it through the fabric then tugged the panties down, freeing Ahsoka's cock from its long time isolation.

Padme was in awe. It was as large, if not larger, than any man's cock she had seen and she had seen many in her life.

It looked exactly alike: veins bulging, its tip a dark pink, Kara kpop gyuri fake nude shaft heavy and powerful, straight, fat, thick and long, with an orb of gleaming fluid oozing forth from its tip. This was the real deal, Ahsoka's penis was no different than one of a man if not superior.

Padme looked up into Ahsoka's shy, blushing face, smiled, then gracefully wrapped her hand around the tip, loving how warm it felt against the palm of her hand. Shen then proceeded to stroke her member as she pumped its entire length. Ahsoka moaned with pleasure as she was given the opportunity to experience her first ever sexual encounter with another person, let alone another woman.

Padme smiled, captivated by Ahsoka's big secret that she had kept tucked away for so long. She was going to make the most of this moment and show this Togruta girl how she does things. Padme pulled back her hand as she felt Ahsoka's rod harden. She rubbed her hand at the tip picking up all the pre-cum that had leaked out from her the young Jedi's penis.

She licked her finger tips and let out a moan of pleasure as she devoured a little taste of Ahsoka. Padme Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked ensnared Ahsoka's tip with her wet lips running rampid with anticipation. She ran her hands over Ahsoka's ass as she slid her mouth further over the cock, not stopping until Kristin mullaney pictures nude slid its entire length down her throat.

Then, with her mouth full of Ahsoka's member, she moved her tongue slowly against its underside, pushing the saliva in the back of her throat forward to coat it further. The inexperienced Ahsoka groaned, inching her hips forward and running her fingers through Padme's hair with pure exotic passion. Her cock got even harder. Padme gurgled as she laughed through the saliva and cock in her mouth. Ahsoka cried out in pleasure, pleasure she had never Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked before.

She moaned while pushing her cock further in. Padme grasped hard at the cock's base with one hand then slid her other hand over Ahsoka's throbbing pussy in need of comfort. Rubbing ferociously, sliding her head back and forth over Ahsoka's aching, hard penis. Ahsoka cried out in pleasure, "Yes. Padme groaned and bobbed her head faster, floating on a wave of pure lust and desire. She dug a finger inside herself as she licked and sucked without restraint.

Ahsoka, pushed to the breaking point, rocked her cock back and forth as she moaned and yelped as her once timid inhibitions faded away. Padme knew she was close, her cock had become as stiff and hard as steel. Suddenly Star wars the clone wars ahsoka naked, hot cum shot forth from Ahsoka's cock splashing down Padme's eager throat.

Ahsoka groaned as if she had been shocked with a traumatizing event, her legs trembling, her hips and spine spasming with each shot. Padme whimpered, wanting more. She swished the hot semen throughout her mouth and devoured it all. Ahsoka, exhausted, gasped as her body went still as the last spurts drained into Padme's hot, wet throat. She swallowed it down, grinning as the warm liquid slid down her throat.

She could suck it down all night.

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