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SHE played Cindy on the Brady Bunch and now, more than 40 years later, Susan Olsen has opened up about what really went on behind the scenes. Source:Getty Images. Chatting to news. Did any of The Brady Bunch kids hook up during filming: I think all of us did We led a sheltered life for part of the year so if there was anybody to get a crush on or try to date, it would be our counterparts.

Eve who played Jan Brady always had a Susan olsen brady bunch naked on Chris Peter Bradythey did kind of hook up later on. Did you earn much money when you were on the show: Heck no. We even had to pay for our own parking in the first season. We earnt Susan olsen brady bunch naked, very little. Barry had been the youngest in his real family and being a big brother on the show was a big deal to him, so the standards that he had within our group were really different for him.

He was kind of macho about it. While he was extremely sweet to me, there was still a little edge to him. Get over it. Or maybe to them, moving on means moving away. When we were all at Hollywood Professional School, Susan Cowsill, who also went there, became very good friends with Maureen. They used to go shoplifting just as a sport and one day they got caught and Maureen bolted and hid in a car for hours and let Susan take the rap for it.

When you were filming the show, were you kids aware that Robert Reed Mike Brady was gay: He never meant for us to know. He never ever had any intentions of coming out of the closet and I think he might have been mortified to know that we knew.

Cindy Brady is all grown up. Susan Olsen is coming to Australia soon. Is it true that you were once a Susan olsen brady bunch naked dealer: I guess technically, but I was really a [marijuana] grower, my husband at the time and I grew it hydroponically. I have never really enjoyed smoking it, it makes me very Susan olsen brady bunch naked. But that was one of the reasons why I did leave my Susan olsen brady bunch naked, because it just bothered me too much that we were doing something so illegal.

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