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February 13, Down the years Sora Aoi has become a huge star in Asia thanks to films that leave very little to the imagination. Of course large numbers have got around this and managed to get hold of her videos online, but even taking that into account the extent of her popularity there is still remarkable.

She was voted number eight in a list of the most engaging international celebrities for Chinese people—ahead of Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp and Anne Hathaway.

She also has more than 15 million followers on the social networking site Sina Weibo and is Googled more often than Confucius, Mao Zedong and basketball player Yao Ming. So exactly how has she managed it? I am just being me and people there seem to appreciate it. Whatever she writes it Uncensored sora aoi pics to get attention. Her first message on Sina Weibo received over 32, comments and was shared around 48, times.

That may sound absurd, but netizens clearly love to interact with famous people. Numerous big names from around the world have opened accounts on Sina Weibo in Uncensored sora aoi pics years, but in most cases they either post in English or just have a secretary use a translation Uncensored sora aoi pics to get their messages across.

Aoi makes an effort to interact with fans and that is why she has a much bigger following than the likes of Rihanna, Justin Bieber and Bill Gates. I now have over It has proved a great market for me; you see many Japanese celebrities going out to places like Hong Kong and Taiwan, but few Uncensored sora aoi pics to make it in mainland China.

I go there a few times a year—sometimes for business, at other times to study at a language school. Since then, public appearances by the Japanese star have created a buzz of excitement usually only afforded to A-list celebrities.

At the Nanchang International Festival in she was on Uncensored sora aoi pics for just three minutes before officials Ana latina la zona model to call a halt to proceedings due to concerns for the safety of the overzealous crowd. Along with China, she also Uncensored sora aoi pics a large following in countries like Indonesia, Korea and Thailand.

She will always be known more for her porn films, which she continues to star in, than anything Uncensored sora aoi pics, but she has made a big effort to establish herself as a mainstream entertainer in the region and has recently appeared in a number of foreign films. The main character, Gym, attempts to learn English so he can join his ex in the States and win her back.

My biggest strength is probably how I cry; however, I still need to work on quite a few things. I find it particularly difficult not to laugh when another actor says something funny. There are no doubt many people in the porn industry Uncensored sora aoi pics dream of becoming mainstream celebrities, but it rarely happens.

Aoi has not only made it happen, she has taken it to another level. Main Image: www. View Comments. You Might Also Like.

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