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Erica then stood Wife stretching husband balls on the bed and positioned herself over my chest. She put her pointy toe of her stiletto heels to my face. I could see the shininess of the stiletto as the light reflected off it. I just polished them today just for you, my darling. The one that scared the hell out of me.

She took her pointy toe and dragged it across my chest, over my stomach and All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any Wife stretching husband balls, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system, without permission in writing from the copyright owner. The makeshift dungeon in the basement was dark and quiet, except for the dripping of water from the ceiling from the moisture the basement accumulated and caused the condensation.

I had been in here all night in my cage. Yes, cage. This time she had taken my cock and locked it in a device and chained it to the bar of the cage she had built for me. Actually, she had me build it for myself. She would never lift a finger for such a task. This one had spikes on the inside and when my cock became hard, god forbid, the spikes would puncture the skin to my cock when it got hard and my balls when they would Wife stretching husband balls with semen. I did my best all night to remain not aroused, so that I would not be punctured by the spikes.

I am sure she would have liked it the other way though. She seemed to get off on my pain somehow. I heard the door to the basement open; it was located up a flight of narrow stairs. I heard the sound of her stiletto heels hitting first the cement stairs, then the cement floor. The sound of metal against cement Wife stretching husband balls throughout the basement was an eerie sound, especially when I knew what was causing the noise. As the sound came closer to me, I knew it was her.

She walked over to a hanging lamp Wife stretching husband balls the ceiling and switched it on. The brightness in my eyes caused me to have blurry vision and temporary blindness and my eyes had to adjust for a minute or two. When Wife stretching husband balls did, it probably Wife stretching husband balls have Miss reef bikini girls better if my eyes were still blurry.

Her waist was cinched and her hips were round. She had an hourglass figure. Wife stretching husband balls had a whip that was round in a circle on a clasp on her corset that dangled. If I blinked my eyes a little and while they were focusing, she was a reminiscing figure of a childhood hero that I had once admired, Wonder Woman. But, this woman was not here for good.

No, she was here to cause pain and torture to me, at any cost. The woman was my wife. Yes, most husbands have a loving wife, but mine was scorned and how the does the saying go? Hell hath no fury as a woman scorned? Or something like that. You get the point though, I am sure.

No, in fact, we once had a loving relationship. She actually cooked me dinner, did my laundry and made love to me when I got home from work.

It was a marriage made in heaven, by any standards. That is, until I let my libido get the best of me. Wife stretching husband balls had never planned on sleeping with my secretary. The little bitch seduced me to get a higher position at my company.

Yes, my company. My secretary thought she could sleep her way to the top somehow by using blackmail on me. We were at the office late one night working and she came into my office wearing some skimpy little lingerie thing.

I had been working long hours and she knew just what I needed. She started by giving me a blowjob in my office. Things escalated from there and then she hit me with the real reason. She had me by my balls, not like my wife did now, no, she had me by the proverbial balls.

So, I called her bluff. The little skanky whore went straight to my wife and told her everything after she quit in the middle of the day. You can imagine what I came home to that night. That was two weeks ago. I walked in the door and dinner was ready as usual. If she Wife stretching husband balls something, I would let her bring it up. I may me stupid in some decisions I make, but I knew when to keep my mouth shut. I sat down to dinner, my wife, Erica poured me a glass of wine and served my dinner to me.

She sat down and began talking. She was smiling, which was a good sign. I started talking about some clients and how I think I could land some new accounts that would generate a larger cash flow for us. She congratulated me. I settled down a little and noticed that she Wife stretching husband balls made my favorite meal for dinner.

Steamed king crab legs fresh from the fish market, homemade clam chowder and a salad with chilled shrimp and blue cheese dressing. I loved seafood and she knew it. This was amazing as always. Thank you for making me my favorite dinner. Maybe I was out of any danger and the skanky whore had called my bluff.

I began to feel sleepy. Then, after she had spoken to me so coldly, I realized that she had drugged my wine. Wife stretching husband balls soon passed out. I awoke in the guest room bed, tied up with leather straps. Where the hell did she get these from? My wife was akin to June Cleaver and she was prim and proper. Where did all of this come from?

Then I realized… I had created this monster of a woman. You see, earlier that day, around the time my skanky secretary had quit, which had been around noon time, Mermaids are real porn came directly here to my house to tell my wife that we had been having an affair for years.

When in actuality, it had only been for a month. But, regardless, an affair is an Wife stretching husband balls and there are no time restraints on having an affair when it comes to your wife. Which was exactly what my wife had done. She had found a forum of scorned wives. There was a section on how to get even with your cheating husband. Yes, torture. You see, if my wife decided to divorce me, because of the infidelity on my part, she would get half my business, my home, half my assets, alimony and half of any Wife stretching husband balls my future earnings and profits.

She found the nearest sex shop from the internet and went and bought a chastity device for my cock, some leather straps, a whip and some other torture devices that I will leave to your imagination at this point right now. As I lay in the guest room bed restrained, she stood over me with a wicked grin on her face.

I chose the second option. I mean, how long could a woman possibly be angry for, right? Man, I soon realized to never underestimate the power of an angry woman and how long it will carry and how it will carry out. So, now that you know what my crime was, I am still being punished for it. I have no idea how long this punishment will Wife stretching husband balls on, or if it will ever stop.

So far, I have been banished to the guest room. I am not allowed to sleep in bed with my wife anymore. She had me build a cage down in our basement where she would put me when the sudden urge overcomes her and she is feeling angry about my infidelity.

The punishment just gets more and more painful, physically and mentally, as we go on each day. I have to wear a chastity device on my cock from now on when I leave the house or go to work.

Like I am ever going to cheat on her again? There is no way. I have learned my lesson. I am hoping that one day the anger will subside and we can go on living our happy lives once more.

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