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When is the last time you saw your father naked? Up until about a month ago, I was right there with you. If pressed, I supposed I would have answered something like you, which is:.

Why are you asking anyway? I can hardly draw my own from memory. I only have two. Our family recently went to Las Vegas. My mom had a conference out there for work, and she invited the whole family. My sister and her boyfriend flew out from New York which meant we really only needed two rooms. I would share with my mom Big hairy daddies and sons dad, and Dana and Al would get the other room.

Las Vegas is just not my kind of town. But even the nice places seem gaudy to me. The pools were amazing, Big booty curvy latinas they even allowed toplessness, which is never a bad thing for these eyes.

Dad and I had just finished a round of golf. It was a degrees during the round, which is hot even without humidity. In that sort of weather, when you finish the ninth hole, do NOT go inside the clubhouse for any reason. If you have to pee, visit a cactus. Food or beer? Wait for the cart-girl to come by. Sidenote — Ever notice that, on average, a cart-girl ranks at least an eight on the hotness meter?

Consider the rest Tiny teen sex vide the round to be miserable. Since my folks are springing for the room, it would only seem respectful to allow my father to jump in the shower before me. I head over to the computer to check my email. As I look up Big hairy daddies and sons a few minutes, I see my dad, in a state of undress that is unusual and alarming. Nothing else. He has his phone in his hands — one hand is constantly swiping the screen from right to left.

His genitals are barely covered by the hem of the Big hairy daddies and sons, and with each swipe, the shirt raises a little with a short bounce. This is why I mentioned alarming earlier. But it was a controlled bounce, just high enough to cover his junk. And he must have had like thirty emails, because he was swiping every three seconds. And then, he must have seen something that either angered him or overjoyed him. All I know is he swiped a little harder than he had been previously, and the Mature legs spread show panties jumped up three inches higher.

I saw it. Now, as soon as the penis was presented, I did, in fact, look away. I was pleased and instantly satisfied with myself that my instinctual reaction was that of flight. I went back to my computer, processing silently what I had just witnessed. But something was bothering me. I had to ask my mother who was now getting dressed.

She looked at me, as if she were about to ask me to explain more about what I had just said. Her eyes were scanning me trying to make sense of my question. But instead…. That was it. The end of this entire story. He got out Big hairy daddies and sons the shower, put on his trunks thankfully in the bathroomand we went to the pool. Had a good time, too. Oh my that is an exceptionally funny story. I know he republished this story, but that is classic.

It reminds me when Brian Gould, Marc Pallagallo and I were watching a move and We hear Big hairy daddies and sons dad shuffling down the Big hairy daddies and sons only to appear in a vneck tshirt and a pair of holy old tidy whiteys that i am sure were being worn during the Nixon administration.

This is horrifyingly great stuff! Cart girls read your blog! It just sounded like a Dane Cook joke. Is that a pic of your dad? Because, yes I might sorta want to Big hairy daddies and sons the bottom half of that photo. My ex father-in-law is an uber fundamentalist Christian, right wing militant hater of all not of his ilk.

This must be understood before I continue with my comment. When my son was four years old, we flew into Illinois for a visit with Grandpa and the rest of the aryan relatives. UFC Grandpa was there to pick us up. When they came out, my son was round-eyed and unusually silent. It was like my arm!

Your story is hilarious. God, I hope not. That is, if I had a dick. I laughed out loud through much of this … and Big hairy daddies and sons it to my husband. I actually wrote about this awhile back. Will have to dig it up. Thank your dad for allowing you to share his dong with your readers! And thank YOU for reading.

I do appreciate it. Great story. Reminds me of a similar experience when I was about We had gathered interstate for wedding and in the rush to get showered I ended up in the bathroom with my dad and uncle at the same time. There in front of me were two scary beer bellies and, hang on, two uncircumcised dicks.

For the first time I felt like Big hairy daddies and sons odd man out, the only circumcised one in the room. Family events can have strange, unforeseen consequences…. Sorry for the 1. Uncircumsized dicks are brutal. Never seen one in real life. Thank the Gods.

I think seeing your Dad naked is perfectly normal — I slept naked with him in a hotel room and the next day we found that we had no towels. We wanted a shower but could only find a floor mat, and an especially small one at that. It covered my front but not the back, so my arse was exposed.

He used it, and it barely covered his dick let alone his arse. We Big hairy daddies and sons saw each other nude, whether we were hard or not. I cannot even get to the other comments! This was hilarious!!!! Seriously cannot stop laughing! Looking forward to reading your other writings! I Big hairy daddies and sons no words. Actual tears formed.

I have forwarded the link to this to friends. First off because your writing is fantastic. Geez, because of this post I can never look my own father in the eye again. Or go to Vegas. Or watch polo. But my understanding is that uncircumsized wang is indistinguishable from cut wang when standing at attention.

Big hairy daddies and sons brilliant and disturbing lol. Diet coke out of the nose? Nice — try for milk next time. Either way — shoot something out of your nose.

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