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As far as we know, the anime world is full of cute characters. With shiny eyes and a little body, they can catch Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes eyes with their attitude. They can be hot-tempered, quiet, or shy, but the thing that never changes is that they all can be forgiven in spite of their behavior, since their looks make up for them! This is a list meant to show you how cute a character can Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes This blonde cutie deserved a mention.

Honey is a boy that looks much younger than he actually is. Despite the fact that he seems to have a split personality, as sometimes he acts all dumb, and the next moment he is all energetic, he is very smart.

That's hardly a problem, since his appearance is that of a little child! In spite all this, beware of this cutie! He may look all playful and nice, but he is actually a mixed martial arts champion, Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes he can kick asses with no problems! Hiro is the cute middle schooler from Fruits Basket! He is a sulky little boy who is in love with Kisa but, of course, he doesn't know how to properly convey his feelings, neither he knows if he should.

As we already said, he is sulky, but there's more to it; his words are usually very aggressive, and he is sarcastic and pessimistic. These darker part of his character can be easily forgiven when he shows a sincere smile and lights up people's day. In fact, he cares a lot for his beloved ones and he is always prone to defend them, no matter what! In Kodomo no Omocha, the cuteness is just too much to handle!

We think that Naozumi Kamura can be a good fit for this list, as he is a cutie on the outside, and a little bit of a devil on the inside. He is a child actor, Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes like the little protagonist of this show, Sana. Naozumi has had a bit of a stalker attitude towards Sana, as he kept following her since he was 5-year-old. It means that, yeah, he keeps her pictures, the newspapers where she appeared and her interviews in a huge photo album.

Naozumi's rival in love is Hayama, as both of them are in love with Sana. The only difference with Hayama is that Naozumi has no problem in repeating over and over how much he loves her. What's interesting about this cute boy is that he seems to be very kindhearted and tends to act properly, but actually he is just possessive, and a push. But looking at his huge green eyes, how can you manage not to forgive him? Now it's time for us to talk about this little blue-haired boy, who is one of the five Magi and a magician.

This cute little boy is very naive about how the world works, as he spent his life in the Room Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes Fortitude. He Dc porn lesbian comic very calm, and he is able to remain focused even in the most dangerous situations.

His character is very cheerful, and kind. What's more, Alladin can speak his mind openly. He can easily befriend everyone, and since he has never had friends before his arrival in the world, he is very attached to them.

Alladin can become overprotective towards them, and hold grudges against the ones who try to hurt them. Well, isn't he just too cute? Have you ever thought about what could happen if one day, after school, pouring hot cocoa into a brand-new mug, a love fairy would appear?

Well, it's what happens to our poor Kaede, who found herself stuck with a little boy named Mirmo, who is a love fairy came to Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes her find love! Mirmo is very little, and very cute. He is supposed to help Kaede, but table turns and Kaede discovers that he is more of a trouble-maker than a cute little boy came to help her!

What can she do? Mirmo is just too cute, with his enthusiasm towards chocolate, and his egoistic way of acting! Kaede has to deal with him, but her school life will never be the same! Using his caracas, Mirmo will work his magic On the verge of death, while his village was Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes to ashes, Shino Inuzuka was asked if he wanted to keep living.

From that moment on, his body stopped to one of a year-old boy and Shino became 18 with the looks of a little child. Shino, for as cute as he can be, he sure has an attitude towards whatever happens to him! He is hot-tempered, but sincere. In spite of his actual age, his childhood friend Sousuke never stops repeating that Shino is actually still too childish. Shino loves eating meat, and that's how his friends manage to bribe him into doing things he doesn't want to.

He is stubborn, and talks faster than he thinks, but has his cute sides Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes allows people around to forgive him. For example, when he suddenly is moved to tears thinking about his past with Sousuke, or when he thought he was losing his childhood friend for good. Luka is a Triple Star student, who belongs to the Somatic class.

He is a half-french, half-japanese cutie who is very smart, and humble. In fact, right because of his humility, he returned all his stars, never feeling incomplete without them. Together with him, there's his cute little rabbit, called Alice.

Luka's rabbit has the power to emit a strange pheromone that brings people near to Luka, and make them fall in love with him. As he is shy, Alice's power helped him a lot at making friends. His cuteness, though, is all expressed when he falls in love with Mikan, but gives up on her just because he noticed that even Natsume loved her.

Isn't he just too gentle? Thinking about how Natsume deserved to be happy, he decided to sacrifice the girl he loved. He is just too cute! Our 3rd Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes had to be Shaoran's!

When he first appears in the show, Shaoran Li has a very bad attitude. He is Sakura's enemy, as he thinks he should be the one to inherit the Clow Cards, since he is a distant relative of Clow Reed. Even when his attitude is bad, though, he randomly shows loyalty out of the blue. For example, during a battle Sakura gave her all and he decided that she should keep that card since she fought much more than him.

Shaoran Li's cuteness greatly increases when he finally drops the rivalistic attitude against Sakura and falls in love with her. From that moment on he becomes a loyal ally, and a friend who lends her a hand whenever she is in need. Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes from that, though, when he blushes at the sight of her, he is just the cutest! Sometimes, cuteness is all up to appearances! It's the case with Ciel Phantomhive, a little year-old Earl with an attitude.

Ciel, in spite his young age, is all alone to deal with questions regarding business, and the household. Well, not exactly all alone Ciel loves giving Sebastian orders. Since he is the head of the Phantomhive household, he has to keep up with the appearances so on the outside, in front of the others, he looks very kind, gentle and quiet.

The ones who really knows his intentions and characters, though, are Sebastian and the Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes servants. It's true that Ciel has a dark past to deal with, day after day, as he seeks revenge for his parents who were brutally killed.

That is no reason to justify his attitude, but if we're talking about cuteness, well, Ciel is just too cute! Our 1st Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes had to be Ren Kaidou for sure! Ren was an adopted boy who grew up in Canada.

Haruko, the woman who adopted him, was unable to tame this little beast, so she called back his own son, Haru, to help her civilize him.

Years after, when Ren, Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes, and the twin brothers Aki and Shima live all together in Japan, Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes is still as cute as he was Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes in Canada! That's when trouble arises!

Ren manages to keep a poker face in spite the situations, that's why when he shows his emotions a little, Haru, the older brother madly in love with him, is on cloud nine! Ren has an affinity with dogs, maybe because he grew up surrounded by dogs back in Canada. He is straightforward, hardworking and very thoughtful. He doesn't want to burden Haru, nor Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes others, with his insecurities, so he just stays silent.

Ren is in love with Haru, and his world literally revolves around him. Since he is an awkward year-old boy, he still doesn't know how to properly act. So slowly, but surely, helped by friends and brothers, he will be able to open up a little! Well, what do you think? Isn't he one of the cutest? As we said up above, sometimes cuteness is a mix of a bad attitude, plus nice looks. Some of these little boys we talked about are very angel-like kids, but some of them have a very bad attitude.

The main point is that in spite their characters, they all are cute little children, that can make you go Cute tumblr boys with blue eyes cloud nine! What do you think?

If you know other little cutie pies, let us know in the comments below! An italian girl currently living the Japanese Dream. I'm an anime and manga enthusiast I mean XDand my other hobbies are writing, reading, playing volleyball, listening to good music and thinking about pointless things. Previous Articles. Top 5 Anime by Mari Mari.

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