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What would be of anime without music? We are not talking only about the background music, but also about the character image songs, openings, endings and insert vocal songs.

They Girl singing in phrae either add all the feels to a scene, or ruin it. It is a matter of having the perfect combination of vocal skills, lyrics and expression. Sometimes, the characters personal stories add emotional power to their voices. Girl singing in phrae, you might be wondering, which memorable anime singers in the female realm were spot on? Well, here are our recommendations. Mima Kirigoe from Perfect blue.

She is the leading member of the super famous idol group Cham! Her professional life also suffers all sorts of strange incidents which will drive her to the verge of madness.

This jewel by late director Satoshi Kon offers us a contrast of the often sugar coated life of music idols with a horror thriller. Girl singing in phrae leading character Mima is a talented young woman struggling to find the correct path by herself, which is far than easy on the professional and demanding world of idols.

Her songs with Cham! She totally deserved a spot on our Top Ten! Cyan is the perfect example of the shy but talented musician who dreams to become a star. Lucky for Cyan that she found the Strawberry heart item that lets her travel to Midi City, a place where music rules! In Midi City, Cyan will use her talents to save the world and become an authentic star with her all Girl singing in phrae band Plasmagica. It also helps that the whole band is super cute and also plays happy go lucky rock.

So, here we have a girl who does not only sings, but also plays the guitar. Cyan is also a great example of not giving up our dreams. The premise of this anime is simple and fun: Miss monochrome is an android with dreams of becoming a star.

This first season tells her adventures while trying to keep herself charged. The anime has been so successful that it received 3 seasons, following Miss monochrome in her struggles to become a famous idol.

She even helps her fans out! What is most curious about Miss Monochrome is that her creator Girl singing in phrae voice is the seiyuu and singer Yui Horie. She used the Vocaloid technology to create a cute character with a defined personality like Miss Monochrome. Of course, being a direct creation of a talented singer, Miss Monochrome is an awesome anime idol! Fellow club members take the time to teach Yui to play the guitar, and off Yui goes on a musical journey!

Now she has a loyal group of friends on the After School Tea Time band, and a way to Girl singing in phrae all her good vibes!

Although she is not particularly gifted at anything at first, she can be very persistent when she wants too. Her high-pitched voice is full of energy, which is awesomely combined with her groove at the guitar. Gray-man is a story about the war between two factions. The Earl of the Millenium and his army of Akuma aim to conquer Girl singing in phrae world, while the Exorcists are trying to save humanity.

His tragic past will pursue him as Allen tries to find out how to defeat the Earl and how to survive the war. Given the dark tones of the topics involved, the story of Lala and her voice stand out. Although her presence was rather short, this anime idol had her big moment when she sang for her master as he was dying. Lala would be capable of moving a stone with her vocals, I tell you!

Yuki Morikawa from White Girl singing in phrae. Touya Fujii is a regular college student with a part time job who has the immense luck of dating an idol.

This restrains her relationship with Touya in more than one way. Will our pair of lovebirds be able to manage the perfect Girl singing in phrae balance? You will have to watch White album to find out. Her dance moves and enthusiasm in the stage, plus the feelings her voice expresses, would make of you a fan, just like her boyfriend Touya! Personal stories aside, Yuki has some of the best natural performances in our Top Ten with natural we mean without too much special effects.

It is the year Humanity is in an exodus, moving through the galaxy in seek of new horizons. The story takes place on a giant flying colony, precisely called Macross Frontier. Humans and their former enemies, the Zentraedi, live in Girl singing in phrae there. Nevertheless, during the visit of the idol singer Sheryl Nome, a new menace called Vajra attacks the colony.

A fellow pilot apprentices called Alto Saotome and an aspiring idol girl called Ranka Lee get involved in the attack… and that is just the beginning of a new war and a new love triangle in the better Macross style. With the direction of Shoji Kawamori and the music of Yoko Kanno, nothing can seriously go wrong in an anime, right?

Especially if such anime is closely tied to music and songs. If Sheryl and Ranka are good on their own, just wait until you listen to their duos! Their relationship of friendship and rivalry is complex, but no matter what, they will always be there to cheer Alto with their vocals.

Full moon wo Sagashite is the story of Mitsuki Koyama. Here we have a girl who dreams to become a professional singer despite battling with throat cancer.

To make things worse, a pair of shinigami inform her that she only has one year of life left. Thus, Mitsuki decides to pursue her dream and make the best of Girl singing in phrae last year on Earth with the help of these two shinigami. Setting her sad backstory aside, Mitsuki really has talent for singing. Her voice, in great contrast with most of the heroines of anime, is deep.

This suits much better the adult themes of the anime and of her songs. This time, the Macross Universe Girl singing in phrae us to the yearto a planet called Eden. Isamu Dyson and Guld Bowman, once Girl singing in phrae friends, are pilots competing to win the Supernova project. Sharon Apple, the most advanced virtual idol in the universe, visits the planet to hold a concert. The appearance of Myung and Sharon will cause more than one problem in the planet, especially when a controversial software Girl singing in phrae installed on the virtual idol.

Once more, Shoji Kawamori and Yoko Kanno strike with a Girl singing in phrae balanced story full of music. Her voice is quiet unique and the style of her music is eclectic and full of reverb. Two girls sharing the same first name Girl singing in phrae on a train bound for Tokyo.

Nana Komatsu is pursuing to keep her relationship with her boyfriend, who is an art student in the capital. Nana Osaki is determined to become a star after her boyfriend leaves their former band the Blackstones and herself behind. Nana Osaki has a Girl singing in phrae personality and determination.

She was taught guitar by her Girl singing in phrae Ren and found her vocation through punk music. Plus, she has the aset of being voiced by Anna Tsuchiya, who has a unique and powerful voice. For her determination and the raw passion of her voice, she is the number one in our Top Ten. And there you go. Ten anime and the voices who make them special. We hope you liked our selections, but would love to hear who else do you think is a great anime girl singer.

Who is your favorite female singer in anime and why? See you soon! Writing about anime by Moonlight. Swift as a coursing river, with all the force of a great typhoon, with all the strength of a raging fire, mysterious as the dark side of the Moon. Previous Articles. Top 10 Anime Girl Singers 8. Honey's Anime. Cyan Hijirikawa from Show by Rock!! Miss Monochrome from Miss Monochrome: The animation.

Yui Hirasawa from K-On! Lala from D. Mitsuki Koyama from Full moon wo sagashite. Sharon Apple from Macross Plus. Nana Osaki from Nana. Anime Girls. Music Anime.

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