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My pleasure but I see my link to "Nice" has been hijacked, so here's another "Nice" pointy breast image:. Ok, this is kind of an embarrassing question, but my breasts are not exactly round. They're kind of conical shaped and on the smaller side. Apparently this was the main subject of conversation about me in the high school boys locker room So, what's the verdict? Pointy breasts ugly? Share Facebook.

Are pointy breasts ugly? Add Opinion. I have pointy breast and my boyfriend is obsessed with them I am a 36B and my breast have rounded a little bit more from the bottom but they're pretty much like very pointy : except I have soft cocoa coloured areolas, and they're medium sized and my breast are very sensitive so more fun for Girls with firm pointy breast. I say embrace your breast :.

Grimthrones Xper 2. God no there beautiful and they look great in drawing as well as paintings there perky perfection x. The boys in the locker room likely noticed how your nipples might have poked out very hot. Not sure how you dressed then Girls with firm pointy breast I would say it was a good thing overall. And there were likely many wishful boys wanting to suck those pointy breasts, so smile to yourself.

Your were on the minds of some of those boys when they jacked off in the shower. Pointy breasts can be Ugly, Cute, Nice Guess you'll have to post yours to know for sure? Here are some beautiful pointy breast examples:. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Insanely uneven Girls with firm pointy breast piercings? Ladies, what is your preference to wear?

Whats your favorite type of bra and why? Do you like fancy dress apparel? Sort Girls First Guys First. I personally don't find pointy breast even remotely attractive. I'm a boobs guy, so this would be a deal-breaker for me. I would even be willing to date a girl who is perfectly flat like a guy but not a girl like in the pictures posted on this page.

With dating and relationships Girls with firm pointy breast to find someone you really like who also feels the same way about Girls with firm pointy breast. As a girl, you have it way easier than us guys do.

When someone approaches you and asks if you want to go on a date, then you already know that he had a chance to look at you and has made up his mind that you are at the very least decent looking.

Bretsky Xper 4. It depends on the guy I don't know anyone who doesn't like pointy ones, the degree Girls with firm pointy breast interest varies from "oh, nice!

Oh wow! So yeah, typically this is only noticeable if you're braless. And it's especially noticeable if your braless and your breasts are perky. And even more so if you have all that going and your nipples point upwards and are erect. And well, that's just going to get a LOT of attention and discussion in a boy's locker room! What cup size were you? Did you go braless a lot? I am not a boob guy I would honestly love your boobs. KaliMe Xper 1. I find them to be very exotic.

I like many breast shapes and sizes on a woman but pointy breasts happened to be one of my favorites. TurbulentDan12 Yoda.

Men understand breasts come in all shapes and sizes. And we're pretty much attracted to them all. Perfectly fine :. Xper 5. Boobs are boobs. They are as different as the women to whom they are attached. There are many shapes of breasts that are great. Pointing ones are in that category. Kevvy Xper 5. It really doesn't matter what they look like. Even if it did, it's not a big deal.

Whoever you're with won't judge you on the basis of your boobs. Eh, it's okay. If you have pink, round, pointy nipples, that would make up for the pointiness of the breasts. Lovethecountry Xper 7. No, most people men that I know are more like once you see one, you want to see them all. Mrchocolate Xper 2. Went on the internet and checked out a bunch of nude ones. They look really interesting I liked them.

ATuairiscean Guru. Many guys would like Big fat black girls naked shape of breast. Habakkuk Xper 3. I don't find them attractive. We get what we get lmao. Not at all, as long as they point proudly. Related myTakes. The Hot Guy Face.

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