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Harry Wilson had a little experience on our sister website and proved to build up quite a lot of support. Harry has a lovely big uncut cock, one of those that grows from its flaccid state to a monster in just a few seconds and when erect his uncut cock is eight inches long and stands up high pointing to the sky.

He lies back and spunks some huge dollops of cum. Wow, thank you Harry, what a great performance. Watch Harry Hairy english lads kevin wilson at EnglishLads.

Same here, Cubankid. Maybe you can answer this, but is Chris Little the str8? Please say yes. I agree re the owners greasy paws perving over the models puts them off hence the no return. If he was less covert and more upfront re the expectations of their having full passionate full on sex in front of the camera with the other models aka Sean Cody and Corbin Fisher, UK Naked Men style and stopped pawing them, then he would have less complaints and would not be pissed off with his customers complaints.

The description above is nearly correct but he weighs less. Re Chris Little can you not get access to the Site as since being banned I have not visited it???

If you cant access the site due to restrictive laws, try twitter as I Hairy english lads kevin wilson found when in countries where porn is banned you can usually follow a site that way….

I believe I finally caught the perv filming one of the scenes via a mirror. Chris is still there Hairy english lads kevin wilson of the EL long stayers and has not sadly appeared n any other site. You know it will be ok similar to Corbin Fisher though both performer would better at other studios as both are capable of taking a good hard fuck.

And someone please tell the owner to stop making the titles so damn long. What do you think of Hairy english lads kevin wilson Brit Lads?? As for streaming e. Or is it like that in Europe? This lad is hot. However I have be banned from this site after being a loyal customer for many years for questioning the Owner ripping his customers off. This including 1. For some of the models from the Photo Shoot non returnee and blaming his customers for harassing them.

The lack of progression of the models, basically mutual masturbation and no full on sex models despite lots of appearances.

I know lots of you complain about Sean Cody Et Al, but they are millions better that this English Lads Site and offer great value for money. You know I agree. The Guys are really uncomfortable and you are right the Owner is really Hairy english lads kevin wilson. Different than Bryan who is more comfortable with his models. I complained to Dylan Lucas when I subscribed to them in their early days because they kept us without an update for almost a month. It was angering.

When provided no explanation, I cancelled my subscription. LT You know what these Guys think the can do what they want. The same will happen with English Lads and I will be the first to Celebrate their demise.

Anyway, pretty face, good body. Is it me or does it look like they airbrushed out any hint of a penis? I totally agree as had the same pro elm with Englidhlads. Scott stone was the same. Describe as totally straight but was escorting around the Watford area as both myself and a friend had the pleasure a few years back. Search Blog. XXX RubHim! Recent Posts. Recent Comments.

OMG Blog!! Harry Wilson at EnglishLads : Harry Wilson had a little experience on our sister website and proved to build up quite a lot of support. May 8, at pm. Log in to Reply. Cubankid says:. May 9, at am. Dale Bergman says:. Alann6 says:. Gazzaq says:.

May 10, at am. Scrapple says:. Stevienowonder says:. May 11, at am. May 11, at pm. EasytoPlease says:. May 9, at pm. Ivan Jimenez says:. May 12, at am. Billy C Hairy english lads kevin wilson. May 10, at pm.

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