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This is a list of the many characters from the animated television series Johnny Test. He is the main protagonist of the show. He is frequently called the "kid with the flaming hair" due to having scarlet red highlights in his yellow hair. He is most often seen wearing green cargo pants and a black shirt with a trefoil symbol on it, which he wears under a navy blue dress shirt, a watch that he rarely uses and Johnny test girl johnny naked hi-tops.

Because he has Susan Sexy britney spears hot Mary by his side, he can live any kid's dream, only to find that some dreams aren't worth living.

He is Johnny test girl johnny naked hyperactiveand often messes with his sisters' inventions, causing trouble and mayhem, but just as often proves himself to be extremely clever such as by frequently tricking his genius sisters or conquering the day from whatever goodness happens to show up.

Johnny is also quite spoiled and stubborn, as he gets what he wants, through deceit, blackmailor persuasion. Johnny has an alter ego that he calls "Johnny X", who is a superhero that has various superpowers, including hurricane hands speeding wind from his handsshapeshiftingfire-powered transformation, teleportationESP" Power Poots ". A running gag for this form is that his hurricane hands never work, either due to the target being immune to it or other factors.

He was in love with Janet and later Sissy, the latter born out of hostile rivalry. He is addicted to video games, and will do anything to get them.

His catchphrase is Johnny test girl johnny naked, didn't see that coming" during an unexpected event. He has a dog named Dukey. The cause of Dukey's anthropomorphism is because of one of Susan and Mary's inventions, thus giving him humanlike abilities. Dukey, when Mrs. Test aren't around, will stand on his hind legs rather than all fours, like he does when Johnny's parents are around. The reason for this is that Mr.

There have been a few "close calls" around the series, such as when Mr. Test got trapped inside of one of Johnny's video games and Johnny and Dukey also went inside the game to rescue him, and Dukey accidentally spoke in front of him, causing Mr. Test to ask, "Did Dukey just talk? Sometimes Dukey dresses as a human being when going out in public, and he is addressed by others as Johnny's "hairy friend" or "the kid with the rare hair disorder" because the minor characters' lack of intellect causes them to believe that Dukey is a human.

Dukey can easily be bribed into assisting Johnny in his manipulations with steak. His superhero name was "Super Pooch" at first, but then changed it to Super Dukey. Super Dukey has superpowers like flight, shapeshifting, power poots, K-9 oral force field, ESP, and teleportation.

He usually crashes while flying. His TinyMon name is "Mymuttdog" and he evolves into "Dukandra. Johnny test girl johnny naked and Mary Test also known as The Test Twins — Johnny's genius twin sisters and daughters of Hugh and Lila, who frequently use him as a Johnny test girl johnny naked rat for various inventions, most of which to impress their neighbor, Gil.

Though they generally refuse to help Johnny in his antics, they generally end up doing so anyway due to Johnny blackmailing or manipulating them, or in exchange for Johnny Johnny test girl johnny naked them to use him as a guinea pig. Their hard-headed demeanor makes them gullible, and they have been tricked by Johnny on various occasions.

They have a habit of speaking in unison especially when reciting their catch-phrase "We're such geniuses. Both girls attend school at the Porkbelly formally Mega Institution of Technology.

They are more or less like Simon from Alvin and the Chipmunks and Lisa Simpson from the Simpsons as they both are intellectual and get tired of their brother's shenanigans. She has navy blue eyes and wears a black skirtknee-high socks Johnny test girl johnny naked a pair of mary janesand a light blue shirt depicting a star.

She has straight red hair, held with a yellow star-shaped clip, and wears glasses. She tends to be more irritable than Mary is, which often leads to her downfall. In the episode "Johnnymon," Susan claims she never feels bad for anyone. Thus Susan's emotions are more extreme than her twin's. In the episode "Johnny X Strikes Back", she was given a vapor wave ability and flight. Susan Johnny test girl johnny naked is seen twice without glasses. She has greenish blue eyes and often wears baggy blue jeans and green sneakers with her trademark yellow moon shirt.

She has curly red hair, held with a light moon-shaped clip, and wears moon-shaped glasses. Mary has been shown to be more warmhearted and "girly" than Susan. She believes less in science and more in science fictionwhich proves to be correct, despite Susan's scorn.

She is more level-headed and conservative than Susan, and speaks her mind much less often. In the episode "Johnny X Strikes Back", she was given telekinetic abilities and flight. Mary is seen without her glasses in "Johnny's Got a Wart". He has blond hair, blue eyes, and wears a green sweater over a yellow shirt with brown pants and loafers. He is apparently not very smart, because Dark Vegan is able to perform a mind trick on him, and they only work on dumb people.

Hugh's two biggest obsessions are cleaning and cooking meatloaf which in one instance he's shown to value more than the safety and well-being of his own childrenwhich the rest of the Test family openly despises. He also gets distracted if he loses his shoe, and can't focus on anything if he does, something that Johnny occasionally exploits. He often wants his children to come back before dinner or risk being grounded.

He also always grounds them for a month at a time for even the smallest offense or for ridiculous reasons. He outlaws genetic experiments by Susan and Mary in the house, which is mentioned rarely, though frequently defied.

She has brown hair, green eyes, and wears a typical women's work suit, pearl necklace and heels. She is a businesswomanthough her specific profession is never explained aside from the fact she Johnny test girl johnny naked in financing. Due to the demands of her job, Mrs. Test isn't seen at home as often as the rest of the family, but her family always comes first and Johnny test girl johnny naked never misses out on vacations and family events, despite the fact she always manages to take her work with her one way or another.

She also possesses great martial arts skills and shown to not be as strict as Mr. Gilroy Q. He is continuously depicted as intellectually lacking, although his handsome looks seem to compensate for this most of the time. Due to Susan and Mary's crush, many of their experiments often revolve around him, on some occasions even affecting him directly. However he can never seem to remember their names save for certain occasions.

In "Johnny X Strikes Back" he Johnny test girl johnny naked the power of prehensile and flight. His surname "Nexdor" is a pun on "next door", alluding to the fact that he is Johnny's next door neighbor.

Black and Mr. They seem to be highly incompetent. They claim they are not afraid of anything and in their first appearance could shoot ropes from their wrists. White is African American and Mr. Black is Caucasian likely of Germanic ethnic origin. Despite first appearing as villains, they're now friends to the Test kids on most occasions. They also have a hidden passion for cooking. General voiced by Lee Tockar : Mr.

White and Black's Boss, the General is leader of the area Loud, slightly incompetent and forgetful, he frequently takes action whenever the situation becomes too large for the Tests to maintain, although his Johnny test girl johnny naked never fare any better. He is prone to overkill and rarely considers what result his actions may have Johnny test girl johnny naked civilians, to the point he fired at a forest, an inhabited area, and even a place were the Test kids were playing all in an attempt to destroy a monster.

A running gag in the series involves him forgetting something and hesitating to remember. Johnny also has a crush on her, although Johnny test girl johnny naked doesn't seem to be aware of it or denies it. However, the two are constantly competing against each other.

If Sissy beats him, she will brag about it. If Johnny wins, he'll either get caught into a situation because of it, or brag as much as her. In one episode, Johnny pretends to be nice and to be used to being bullied by Sissy. They ended up falling in love with each other along with Dukey and Missy. She seems to be the victim to the show's twists, adventures; her misfortune seen at the end of the episode. She has blonde hair with a red lightning bolt pattern, with Johnny test girl johnny naked ear piercings and a plaid skirt with pants underneath.

He seems to not Johnny test girl johnny naked that any of his students really tries hard enough and once told his class they might want to learn a trade when passing out an important exam. It is shown that he really likes it if a student fails a test rarely, he gives his students assignments on topics they never learnand at times, he has even shown to get sadistic pleasure out of punishing Johnny. Teacherman is always very tough, but not always to be mean.

He believes that deep down, there is a great student inside of everyone, including Johnny. Janet Nelson Johnny test girl johnny naked. She is a shallow and self-centered popular girl that is usually mean and inconsiderate to Johnny and appoints him as a loser.

She has a love-hate relationship with him, but she is too popular to express the love part. She appears in the first season, though she does make cameos in the second and third seasons. In his first appearance, he had blond Johnny test girl johnny naked, was thinner and younger, but later on, he had brown hair which was a wigwas older and had a different face.

He often reports about the Test family's misadventures. He easily panics at the first sign of trouble, and will not hesitate to cave into pressure. Whenever a supervillain appears, he would always agree to swear allegiance with the villain and change the name of the city before the villain even says anything.

Due to a mishap with one of Eugene's theses, he lacks a left hand, so now he uses a robotic hand though Repto-slicer ate that as well. He copied the modified genetic structure used by Susan and Mary to create Dukey and used it on Mr. Mittens and his bunny rabbit, which turned him into an evil villain seeking world domination.

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