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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Home Community General Skull. Focus: General All Categories, Since: Anything and Everything about Skull, Katekyo hitman reborn adult all crossovers and pairings e.

Archive of Our Own: Katekyo hitman reborn adult Slate 2. Semper Fidelis Katekyo hitman reborn adult xXLuneaXx reviews His body was coiled with a killer's subtleness, and Reborn could have imagined almost anyone other than Skull to display that sort of mephitic skill. Or the time I pulled a Winter Soldier on Skull's ass.

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Karma is a Bitch by TerraReiin reviews Akabane Karma is a certified genius, politician and an assassin Katekyo hitman reborn adult no one talks Katekyo hitman reborn adult that anymore. So when such a man wakes up in a world when no one respects him? You can bet he's gonna give em Hell. Crossover - Katekyo hitman reborn adult Hitman Reborn!

Edelweiss by Seisu reviews In which Skull totally forgot to mention how he kinda was the Man-Who-Conquered and had met the Arcobaleno Katekyo hitman reborn adult He totally remembered. Or the Arcobaleno finally understood that Skull didn't really have the safest life despite being a civilian "Could he really be counted as a civilian? Memories of a Broken Soldier by Maintenant reviews The Arcobaleno arrive at their collective house after their yearly meeting turned mission. Skull had been left there to cook them a warm meal for their return, seeing as he is useless in a mission, but it is not Skull they find when they return.

Rather, it is, but it is not. Katekyo hitman reborn adult this Skull has cold eyes and harsher threats, and the Arcobaleno, for once, don't know what to do. The Dursleys thinks he's spending the summer with 'his lot'. And maybe Harry feels a little guilty about lying to them and to his friends about his whereabouts. But if they don't want to tell him what's going on with Voldemort, then he doesn't have to tell them he's taken up stunt-biking, right?

Harry-is-Skull AU. Of the dead say nothing but good by mokona-pyuh reviews As long as 5K-V11 could remember, he had been at the facility. He had no idea how long he had been there, how old he was, or what his real name was. Skull Demort is born in a bar in Romania, out of a few words on a paper towel. Or, the OS no one asked for but that I wrote anyway.

T for some violence and unpleasantness Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Like a second skin by mokona-pyuh reviews Ghouls were a myth, an urban legend, the story told to newbies and ex-civilians to scare them. Skull, Reborn distantly remembered, had been a nervous wreck when the topic had been broached, and he'd thought that the ex-civilian was afraid of ghouls. Now, Reborn thought he might have gotten the reason of Skull's nervousness wrong. Very wrong. Tokyo Ghoul! AU ish. Ballad of the Femme Fatale by SecretEngima Old vintage japanese porn A collection of glimpses and snapshots of the life of Milena Cherep, also known as Skull De Mort, and whispered of as Femme Fatale in a world where Will is Flame, her family is a cranky Sky and Shay parker new sensations Elements, and her big sister is a refugee from the stars.

Young and Beautiful by Nyodrite reviews WNW1: The first time an Arcobaleno met Death, Skull was nineteen- Skull just sits back and watches the two, a kind of morbidly amused fascination at the fact he is watching a hitman literally flirt with Death. No One's Katekyo hitman reborn adult To Sleep by mokona-pyuh reviews In which Shukaku doesn't take kindly to the Akatsuki trying to rip him from Gaara, panics, snags both of their souls and sends them across dimensions to Katekyo hitman reborn adult new body.

Riding with the winds by YepTheRebel reviews Harry finds himself in a new, strange world. Adapting… could've gone better. Harry-is-Skull fic. I've been looking for you!

That it surprised the heck out of everyone else in the Mafia was just a bonus. How We Met Your Mother by DeliriumDescending reviews Skull had always done his best to keep Katekyo hitman reborn adult mafia life away from his mother, not because she couldn't handle it but because he wasn't sure the mafia could handle her.

All the different ways the Arcobaleno could meet Skull's Katekyo hitman reborn adult. He's got slicked back hair and a crooked smile and grand ideas for her. Teen girl tight dress selfie Skull. No Pairings. Cranium by cherryvvoid reviews It seemed death had a sense of humor.

Skull because I can't keep my ideas to myself! Cirrus Cloud by silenceia reviews In which you are Acacia Potter who becomes Skull de Mort and makes tons of awesome friends along the way. Almost completely angst-free, isn't that great? It became drabbles rather than sentences, so you can just think of Katekyo hitman reborn adult as short trips into Byakuran's parallel worlds. But there are also some that everyone's missed. Not As Planned by fringeperson reviews Skull is not Mafia, and he's got better, safer things to do than get involved in the Mafia.

Like stunt work. Don't Own. Burning Cloud by wolfsrainrules reviews Xanxus goes 'fishing' and we all know what the Varia Boss wants he eventually gets. Papa Cloud by wolfsrainrules reviews "I'm a showman little one. It is my job to make others see what I want them to see. Black Cloud by yulchii reviews Where he didn't remember and then suddenly did and wished to forget again. Or where Regulus survives, hits his head and becomes the Cloud Arcobaleno.

When the Black Order turns against him, Allen continues to walk forward, never stopping. Shedding the skin of an Exorcist, Allen leaves behind his fate for one equally as tragic. The Destroyer of Time becomes one of the Strongest Seven, forced to watch the world go by. And Allen keeps walking. Crossover - D. Restart and Try Again Katekyo hitman reborn adult azure reviews After being killed by Byakuran, the words "You lost the game" were the very last thing Skull had expected to see.

Hope by Nitroid reviews Skull contemplates the pros and cons of life, and chooses death. Reborn comes to his rescue. Fluff, Adult! Reborn and Adult! Terms of Service.

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