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I'm not assuming all do, I was just wondering if most do, thanks for your answer. Your comments are highly dumb. Thank you I agree. They believe it's ''real'' it's a profit oriented thing - they'll cater to anything to make it sell. Lol from our family yea. I've only done it once, though. So maybe I'm not used to it. It hurts like hell, and so far, I do not see how anyone can have Latin women anal sex from it.

But maybe if I try it more. Latin women anal sex sisters tried it more than once, only one learned to like it. So far, this Latina does not like anal lol. She sounds amazing, and the girl I got with was brazilian and she liked it, do you find more of them like it over white and black girls?

In my experience most black girls are not into anal. I don't know why. More and more white girls are loving it, but I think anal is probably bigger in Brazil than anywhere else in the word.

It's less taboo there so Latin women anal sex girls try it, and if Latin women anal sex right they usually find they like it.

That's the key though It takes time and patience. You need to work up to it. You don't just decide you want to do anal one day and stick your cock in her ass. If you do, she'll almost certainly hate it and will probably never be willing to do it again.

There are actually a lot of blacks girls in Brazil and they seem to love anal as much as the Latinas. No problem. This link has some interesting statistics about Latin women and anal sex, including Brazilians. Interesting website, it says it's pretty big in puerto Rico, that my be my next holiday destination after Brazil. No, I'm not trying to be funny. I'm trying to give give you an answer that's just as retarded as your question.

Latin women anal sex said do most not alland I will take that you're still a virgin so you probably aren't fit to answer. Your assumtions are just as stupid as your question. You may think what you like aswell, and I'm the one who deside if I stay away from your question or not. Certain cultures like some things over others, as someone has already Pleasure bunny black cock out on here it's big in brazil.

I'am asking because I want to know, so please answer yes or no. I don't say anything about the way you look so please don't say anything bad about my question.

The question is stupid because you're assuming there's a connection between anal and races. It's just stupid man. I think you'll find in some cultures it's more common than others, how is that stupid? What the hell do you know about other cultures?

Your question is insulting mostly because it shows how ignorant you are about the whole stuff, it would be great if you could understand that. Do most Latina girls like Anal? The only ever one I have had sex with did, and on all the pornos they seem to. Latina girls do you like it? Guys have you found this to be true? Share Facebook. Do most Latin women anal sex girls like anal?

Add Opinion. Brazilian here. Whoever thinks that anal is a big thing in Brazil is completely wrong. And you, asker, can't really assume that every Latina is into anal, cause we don't share a collective conscious which makes us think that anal is not a taboo here.

Latina here and I like it. This differs from girl to girl. Some will like it and others hate. Would like to do that again when I get into another relationship. Thanks for your answerand I hope the opportunity comes up. My sister does, my other 2 sisters don't. I don't like it either. It hurts like hell. This Latina does not like anal. I don't know if most do, but a lot, especially in Brazil.

Anal is huge there. I have dated several girls Latin women anal sex loved anal and one of them was a Latina.

She would have preferred I just ignore her vagina altogether and fuck her ass every night. God damn she was amazing. Show All Show Less.

Ok thanks for your helpI agree with everything you said. Latin women anal sex ha Bring some lube and enjoy. My Latina exGF loved anal Skinny girl blowjob cum much especially with me cumming inside her ass!

It really does depend on the woman and whether she's open to it and in fact likes it provided it's done correctly. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. Girls, how often do you masturbate?

Guys, What Lingerie looks best? Is he proud of it? Hey girls Latin women anal sex u think pregnancy should Latin women anal sex goal of having sex when doing it or not always? Sort Girls First Guys First. Yes, ALL of them like anal. Actually there's no latinas at all that dislike it, none at all! Are you trying to be funny or something? Lol think what you like now get away from my question.

If you don't like it then stay away from your question. Wow how silly to think a certain group likes that this or that, it depends on the person. That's a stupid question my friend. They're spicy, not that spicy. Some will like it and some won't.

CommieDearest Guru. No literally all Latinas hate anal. Latinas love it in th butt. Related myTakes. Egalitarianism is NOT equality. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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