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Hey all! Over the past month or so, I have been constantly talking and teasing this thing, and at least, it is finally wrapped up and ready for release! Because this forum doesn't allow for spoiler buttons, and there is nearly 40MB worth of images to show off everything in this release, I decided to put it all on a separate website.

So feel free to take a visit over there and take a look at all the pictures. With that being said, allow me to list off Girl laying on stomach getting ass fucked in this pack: - Super flexible double dildo normal size and a larger size. Wide face-structure customization. Note the nude male is unfinished. Working eyes in the SFM, better bodygroups, etc, etc. So how many models are actually in this pack?

I count 70 models in this pack! The compressed file what you downloadis just ver MB. Uncompressed, though, it is just around 1.

Should also fix Liara's missing face textures. Adds a strap-on bodygroup for Femshep. From Deus ex Nihilo's original nude Femshep release. Nude ashley must use Miranda lawson black outfit nude labelled rig here - previous rigs for nude Ashley will not work. I am pretty certain I resolved them, but if I missed Miranda lawson black outfit nude, please let me know! Note that any fixes I make to this will NOT be added to the archive, but will be released as a separate "hotfix" download.

That way people won't have to download the whole thing again just to fix one or two things. Be sure to let me know what you guys think! I expect to see a lot more jiggly goodness in future SFM animations, now, you hear! Because this forum doesn't allow for spoiler buttons Spoiler alert: [spoiler:2cmsj0qw]It does. Looking at the previews, I'm Miranda lawson black outfit nude of sad you fitted Liara's outfits around the silly proportions of the nude model Miranda lawson black outfit nude of the other way around, but that was your call to make.

I'll post some more feedback when I get around to testing all of these models, Miranda lawson black outfit nude I expect it's going to be a quality release. I talked to Rastifan personally, and Miranda lawson black outfit nude told me the forum doesn't have spoiler buttons.

Rastifan doesn't even know his own forum, it seems. As to the proportions, Miranda lawson black outfit nude give me a good-quality version of a decent-proportion Liara, and I'll work with it. Until such time as a good-quality one and I don't mean the one that was built off the Miranda lawson black outfit nude body as the nude Samara; I mean an actual good quality modelthe body we have, no matter how silly, works. And thank you. We have? Ash is in charge of the button feature.

Not me. Where is it? And there is a lot of things I do not know about the acp. Which is the reason I have people like Ash and Gnin. I am mostly the money man. I pay for this outfit, but they make sure it all runs smoothly. They are my tech guys. The nude Samara body is the one Bioware made, and while it may not be as refined and high poly as the one you have now, the proportions are more realistic and you can be sure they are canonical.

Besides, I don't think scaling the boobs down on the one you have now would harm the overall quality of the model. You Miranda lawson black outfit nude the explorer outfit, so you could definitely try fitting them to that model instead of blowing up both the low poly hoodie and explorer outfits and breaking with the source material. I can understand that you wouldn't want to adjust those things as you might have to adjust the rigging and re-do the boob flexes though.

The overall proportions are good enough, it's just the balloon like boobs that are killing it for me. Again, your call, I'm sure you have your reasons. I'm just a lore nerd who cries himself to sleep over Bioware ruining Miranda lawson black outfit nude game.

Now waiting 30 minutes before I get to download Alyx. Damn you depositfiles. It is confirmed. Now I am officially fucking blind :toctoc: But truth be told, was far from sober when I answered that question :oops:. Wow that is an epic model pack, great work. Gonna have some with all those toys and bondage devices :. Congrats on releasing it! Question about Chell: Does she still have have that texture problem when her hair bangs dissapear if light is cast on it? Also, could you consider adding physics file for citizens and rudimentary just so that they can be used with Joint Tool for props?

These are great models! Thank you for them!!!! Love them! These are awesome, thanks for all the effort you put into this, LordAardvark. Jiggle bones rock. Only wish is still for a lore friendly Liara model, with the clothes would be great too. Like Ganonmaster, I am not a fan of the giant breasts. Slap Samara's body onto the nude model with the optional original clothing, and who ever could do that would be a god! Uh nice. Can't wait to test the models.

Thank's for you hard work. Miranda lawson black outfit nude thats all we need, even more attention for Liara :roll: You guys realize that the only character in Mass Effect with larger tits than Liara is her mom. And just what is the canon Liara? I also desired a lore friendly Liara as I played the trilogy. It's not Aardvark's nude model that's ridiculous, it's Liara. My only headcanonical guess is that asari reach puberty at where they see multiple physical and mental reformations year after year until Mac Walters is satisfied but never is.

Just be glad that failure of an "artist" didn't get anything more than a trilogy, Maker knows what she'd look like. Anyway, thanks for the props and ass-ton of Liara models, Aardvark. Hopefully you found satisfaction where Bioware's art director couldn't, cuz no model comes even close the of variations Liara has :D.

Spank my ass. My answer was stupid :oops:. I haven't tested anything extensively, Miranda lawson black outfit nude here's some stuff you might want to look into.

Femshep eyes do not follow the target bone correctly. Also the jiggling is rather strange Miranda has a purple and black chessboard on the face. This affects the old version too, which worked fine until this update. Likewise, at least half of the casual models have missing textures, Miranda lawson black outfit nude for the face. Btw, Ashley crashes my SFM. So did the old version, not a big deal as I wasn't planning to use the model anyway, but still.

Any idea as to why? I just started testing and I some noticed this as well. Casual Femshep has a normal map as a diffuse texture. Ashley's eyes seem to be bugged. Explorer Liara is missing textures for her head and clothes. Nude femshep is missing all the textures. Kasumi's head doesn't seem to be parented to the neck or the rest of the body and doesn't move properly when you move the chest or neck.

I don't have that problem with the Miranda model that Bilge Rat 16 mentioned. That's all I found to this point. Oh my. Quite a few issues that none of my testers managed to catch, most probably due to previously installed content. One of my testers mentioned the Kasumi issue, which I don't understand - as you can see in my images, my Kasumi works just fine.

I'll look into all of these when I have the time. It's going to take a few days, though. Example: In this animation, for the model on the left, I rotated the rootTransform and for the model Miranda lawson black outfit nude the right I rotated the pelvis bone. The Pelvis bone moves every limb of the body except the head.

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