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Maybe for blacks and brazilians but most Asians and white girls need Skinny wide hips big ass be thick for Skinny wide hips big ass. If that's what you think, then I must say that you are closed-minded and maybe a bit of a racist. I'm an Asian and I'm not fat nor heavy set but I'm not skinny either yet I get compliments that I have the curves of women from another ethnicity, and that's because I wake up at 5 and even 4 AM to hit the him before work, and I've been working out for over 7 years.

Rationalization does not work. Reality does. Ok thats racist, but you dont think it's racist to feel unsafe around black men, and safe around white men? Indian porn girl sex break the law too, they commit more hate crimes, and mass killings more than anyone.

And when it comes do wide hits, and booty. Its just facts. Asian women aren't built like black, latina and brazilians. They just aren't. Well, Skinny wide hips big ass weren't "built" that way and that's why we build ourselves through diligent and dedicated hard work and workouts. I had 38 inches of butt, not from wide hip, I mean butt, butt muscles, although I've leaned out a bit and now down to 37 something only, but I am working towards my goal still.

I think Pregnant madison mason nude better to work hard and have firm and perky butt, then to have big, fatty and saggy butts. StarsInTheEyes Hehe, good on you! Butts that come from workouts will not sag Butts that come from fat tissue cannot defy aging and gravity. Never discriminated black men. That sure was a random topic to bring up.

Opinion Owner, you are right that women of certain ethnicities have more prominent butts, however, it does not mean that it's impossible for Asian women to have nice butts. This fact actual empowers me because I know that I've worked hard to get what I have.

I wasn't born with a nice butt which I've made no effort for; I've worked hard to make that transformation happen. I had an ill-shaped butt before, well, Skinny wide hips big ass I consider it a butt, but now, it's all different.

I get compliments on my curve not that I seek them. I work out because I want to be how I want to be, and I embrace all the benefits from exercising. Well she said its racist to say Asians have flat asses pretty much, but I told her she certainly wouldn't think it! Nothing racist about saying Asians have naturally flat asses. Skinny wide hips big ass true. Black women don't need to work hard to get a booty. Lack of hard work is not something to be proud of, regardless of what it is, and don't be closed-minded and racist.

Some Asians do have high and round butts. It's not like it's impossible. Opinion Owner: I have not posted a picture of myself. I don't know what you're talking about? Richareens Those who voted thumbs up for this opinion are apparently racists against Asian, or envious because Asians can have booties too with hard work. Richareens Influencer. Share Facebook. Are skinny girls with wide hips and big perky ass rare to you? Add Opinion. CaliforniaSun22 Xper 4. Xper 5. I tried convincing Skinny wide hips big ass beautiful daughter who has these qualities that its a damn good thing!

I said a man needs something to hold onto. She's naturally curvy and I told her to totally embrace it. Amen I told her society is stupid. Luis Xper 4. Non saggy or not in round shape. Show All Show Less. Not necessarily thunder thighs and Super fit. But natural ones. Sign Up Now! Related Questions. Show All. What if I can't trust a woman anymore?

Does education matter in a relationship? What attracts you? Skinny wide hips big ass Girls First Guys First. Marrry Xper 7. I am one. I think in the Mediterranean where I live it's pretty common. Most gain fat at that area instead of breast.

Xper 6. IronMarck Xper 5. Imagined barbie. John75 Xper 2. Yes it is. But it is very beautifull. It shows feminity as well as hips and breast. That kind of girls are very sexy and wake up desire of men. Believe me. No thats curvy-skinny you can be skinny and curvy. And you can be flat and fat. I see many and I think I am. But I think the term is slim curvy. I am one of those Skinny wide hips big ass, so I don't think it's rare. I'm naturally that way. No, but I live near the beach in California so all that plus D or larger are not uncommon.

No not really though depends on exactly what you mean by that. RobLovesDemi Xper 4. My girl Demi has a nice fine hot ass and thighs which are really sexy!!!

Bikeboy Xper 4. Skinny wide hips big ass said this before, big butts have lost their African fat big naked women now. Everyone squats, gets ass implants etc. BigPappaBear Xper 1. Why yes to me they are, but with age comes different opinions on what beauty is.

HeadyJasper Xper 1. Shookmango Xper 1. Skinny white girls, yes. DavidVertex Xper 3. I've seen it twice in my life. Women have shitty bodies around here. Not rare but uncommon. Asians dont have wide hips, but thanks for making me laugh. No wide hips, but working out will make the butt big, round and lifted! And they say white privledge doesn't exist.

You have a big round butt like a fit black woman? Because you kept insisting that Asian women don't have butts. You look so cute, but you look skinny. Not rare, but hard to get with haha.

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