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I absolutely LOVE to wear tight tight jeans and tank tops. I'm not the preppy cheerleader who wears booty shorts and half tank tops. I wear clothes like skinny jeans, really tight jeans, Nike high tops, ankle socks, 2 tank tops and I usually have my hair down. Share Facebook. Would you like a girl with tank tops and tight jeans? Add Opinion. I love it on girls. It's hot. No two ways about it. I pretty much live in tank tops and jeans in the summer.

I'll wear a Tight jeans and tank tops or shorts every now and then, but there's nothing wrong with a tank top and jeans, especially if it's what you like to wear. Xper 7. I think that's a great style! If you want to make it a little better, or a little different, add a belt or a long necklace type thing Sign Up Now!

Related Questions. Show All. What are guys opinions on piercings and dyed hair on girls? Do you like making your bathing suit wedgie instead of Tight jeans and tank tops also how do I look?

What do guys prefer on a girl? Pants or a skirt? Do you think is dress is okay for a Christmas work party? Sort Girls First Guys First. Applefan1 Guru. Most guys would be really turned on by you're "really tight jeans".

As for the rest of your style Yes you have nice style :. Sounds cute to me. I love Tight jeans and tank tops that dress like that. Wear what makes you comfortable. I actually dress Tight jeans and tank tops same way sometimes. That's pretty much the "classic" look for girls in the laid back style.

It's pretty timeless and always looks great on a girl. It's a casual look that girls have been wearing since the '80s or earlier and it's never gone out of style and probably never will. Xper 6.

That's hot. Digging the nike shoes. Yeah, I love that look on a girl. Yes I think that tank top and Jeans combination is actually my favorite thing to see a woman in. Sarcast Xper 1. Yes that's Christina bella feet fetish of the best looks for a girl.

That plus sneakers is hot. I'd love such girl. Related myTakes. My opinion on why love and romance is unfair. Why is Swedish big tits hot womens sex and high partner count more damaging to women as opposed to men? Also, what is the link between casual sex and marriage? Why won't the sun go down already. Most Helpful Opinion mho Rate. Learn more. Yes No.

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