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I wrote down some important numbers from my phone and then sat in Women like jail sex room alone for hours, wondering what was going on. Eventually Women like jail sex offered me some dinner, but I was too nervous to Women like jail sex. They will strip search you if they have reason to suspect you have drugs, but they don't always bother. If they think you have drugs they will also search your cells, and sometimes make you and your cellmates lie down on the floor with your hands on your heads while they do it.

In other cases you have to share, including the toilet, and showers are communal — and sometimes also used as a toilet! On my first night I was taken to a cell with a television and a phone in it, which surprised me. Unfortunately I was only there for one night.

Then they took me over to the wing I would be staying on and it was very different. There was a woman banging her cell door with a chair and kicking it. You could hear everything because all the cell doors have gaps on either side. Even someone having a wee a few cells down is audible. Personally I never asked because I didn't want to feel I was judging someone on their crime. Some people ask straight away, but it's generally not really done. There's a lot of gossip!

Like bad gossip! Quite damaging. It depends I guess on the person and situation. I hated the food so lived off instant noodles from the canteen. There are canteen recipes like cheesecakes and other stuff. Usually you can find them in the prison newspapers which are a good read. People also trade things from the canteen quite often. Once a week is canteen day. That's when you get your weekly shop in of shower gels, sweets, chocolate, tobacco and things like that.

It's up to you what you spend it on. They supply sanitary protection for free but even that you have to apply for. You earn various amounts depending on your status basic, enhanced, etc plus if your family send you money you can have a certain amount of that per week. I got on with everyone, basically. When fights happened, I got stuck in the middle most of the time.

Which is quite scary. Women who are adamant they're straight end up in relationships with women for the comfort. In closed prison plenty of women get together. The environment means that it usually ends up in fighting and both women being put in segregation, however.

I bought myself some of the things I had missed while I was inside: artichokes and a nice bottle of wine. Then I got some fish and chips and went home to wait for the tag people. A lot of people go home on tag to families and even jobs. I didn't have that. I spent a lot Women like jail sex time alone, watching Netflix.

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