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Monday, 20 April Slut Collective - All new filthy hardcore xxx audio Ultimate erotic audio collection. Ultimate Package 2!!!! Hot sexy erotic audio recordings of the private thoughts, fantasies and experiences of females told by different females. Click on this link to go to the store A collection of open minded girls, women and ladies ready to blow your mind with hardcore erotic audio stories and texts Here are some titles Sucking and Fucking My Mother's Partner - Lust and Complication The first time I heard him fucking my mother we all came together — but in separate beds.

Ultimate erotic audio collection went right along with them I did all I could not to yell as well Then we all slept. Me in my bed. With my bestie safely tucked away. I am an expert and if my mother and he could see how good I was they'd be wide eyed for sure I smile to myself as I remember how all this began The girl with Ultimate erotic audio collection sleeping boyfriend - 7 minute erotic audio story I felt him Ultimate erotic audio collection all the way in my throat.

Up and down. Ultimate erotic audio collection gagged. But I didn't care. Finally, he let me up and I looked at him. He helped me pull off my shirt. I quickly pulled off my panties and got on top of him 2. Going Down - Sex in an elevator - 6 minute erotic audio story She moves her hand to cup your growing erection — her nails, grazing your balls. She gasps. You place your hand on top of hers.

Grinding your erection into her palm. Fucking your sister's friend Ultimate erotic audio collection 5 minute erotic audio story You've been waiting so long for this. As you walk past her bedroom, you notice her laying naked on the bed — uncovered — and bathed in moonlight.

Her large breasts, plump nipples and her sweet year-old cunt, glistening Sex with a condom you. She's your sister's friend. You shouldn't do this. But you can't resist. Dungeon Whore With subliminal - 6 minute erotic audio story Imagine yourself in a dungeon. It is dark and it is warm. You have only one thing on your mind — and that is complete lust. To have someone tie you up, and to put you in bondage.

Own the pussy - 4 minute erotic audio story Oh baby, fuck me! Come on baby, you had me waiting for too long. Look at your pussy baby, look at your pussy. Yes, that's right, tease my pussy baby.

Tease me, but not for too long now. Jamaican voice 7. Bar Fuck - 7 minute erotic audio story You Ultimate erotic audio collection a smile that made me wet. I could imagine your mouth on my pussy. Your head between my thighs. I wanted you badly. I watched you pick up a drink. I loved the look of your hands.

I imagined that they were all over my body. You want to play with my pubic hair don't you? You dream about it. You dream about taking your hand and pulling on each little strand, and watching it pull away from the skin.

You love the smell of pubic hair — especially pubic hair that Ultimate erotic audio collection been in hot panties all day. Let me ride your cock - 1 minute erotic audio story MMM. Let me ride your big, hard cock, and have it all the way inside of me. I wanna bounce on your cock, so you can see my Ultimate erotic audio collection jiggle up and down. Colombian voice Slutty shop assistant - 7 minute erotic audio story Her hair bunched in your fist at the back of her neck, as you fuck her roughly from behind.

If anyone should walk in, in the next five minutes, you're pretty sure they'll be treated to an amazing show. You are my anal sex slave - 2 minute erotic audio story You see, when I came over and started flirting with you, I could tell you were hot for me, and when I got you hard at the bar I knew you were going to be mine to have.

Fill the cunt - 2 minute erotic audio story You have Ultimate erotic audio collection pushed against the wall. You've waited so long for this. Stick your finger into that tight cunt. Go on, finger that soft, juicy, bald cunt. Now suck and lick those tits you dirty bastard.

Cucumber - 5 Minute erotic audio story I wanted to fuck, and fuck Ultimate erotic audio collection. But there was no one around.

What could I use? I decided. Why Not? I lifted up my leg — I was already wet and hot; my lips were so hot to the touch, they were jingling Cross dress you up - 6 minute erotic audio story Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to cross-dress? To feel sexy? To feel like a female? I can help you with that.

I want you to close your eyes and relax. I'm going to tell you a story. Filthy mouthed sluts will blow your mind with erotic stories and videos! Come and check us out!! Labels: blowjobcrossdress Ultimate erotic audio collection, cucumbersexdirtytalkersdungeonwhoreelevatorsexgaghairypussypussyownershipslutslutcollectiveslutstaboosex. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Ultimate erotic audio collection Atom.

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