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A friend of mine wears an eternity collar. Looks nice. I don't think hers has a ring on it though. My wedding band is my collar. Reality kings big ass cock have a friend who wears one of those every day, never takes it off.

I have worn a day collar before but not as a permanent part of my wardrobe. However, if I had Wife wearing slave collar Dom in my life, I would love to wear a collar for him in public. Maybe someday you will have a Dom in your life and will wear Wife wearing slave collar collar for him in public.

I have a necklace that serves as a collar which reminds me of him and our roles. I guess what you could call a 'vanilla collar'. It is to be worn at all times, except in the shower and bedtime. Hugs, Roz. Wow that's hot!

Like Roz, I wear a necklace. Daddy bought it for me for Christmas and it has an o-ring on a delicate chain. It is subtle, but for those who in the know it is unmistakeably an o-ring Since it is subtle but obvious for those in the know, do you notice people looking at it more than other necklaces you wear?.

No, nothing like that for us. I would have loved to have asked her questions but think you were quite right not to delve and make her uncomfortable. Love, Ronnie xx. In retrospect, I wish I would have said I like the lifestyle and see if she would have reacted.

Yes, it would have been interesting to talk to her about her lifestyle. Although i will admit that to most it looks like a pretty neckalce with a heart lock. I wear a visibly locked steel rope collar during daytime, always and everywhere. It has no ring When we to go to the city i wear wrist cuff's too with ring. When i get questions about it i answer honestly and with proud.

Never had any bad reactions, sometimes a laugh, but they usually make a fool of themselves reacting that way aren't they? A lot depends on your attitude if it's accepted or not. Act normal like it's part of your routine, don't make a show if it and you'll do just fine :. Collar is good. It is like Jewellery and people like to wear it. I think that it is inappropriate to laugh from someone who is wearing steel collar.

It should be more popular and it shouldn't be treat like fetish. It should be that I wear steel collar because I like it and I want to wear it. Is it To wear say, a steel collar without a sub? My girlfriend isn't into that stuff so I don't wear them as a statement of my relationship, nor as a sub. I'm dominant but I have this magnetic pull to collars I'm also Wife wearing slave collar, women seem to visibly pull off collars as a solo look better in my opinion.

I too, am a male - more dominant than sub. After getting over the initial reluctance, she has worn it whenever Wife wearing slave collar asked and has worn it out once or twice. She fears that everyone going to see it and think she's some hardcore fetish Wife wearing slave collar or something. She has worn that one out more than the first when Wife wearing slave collar asked her to, but only likely because it is far easier passed off as jewelry.

I've stopped asking because it's been made pretty clear that it's "just for me" and that really extracts most of the "specialness" out of it. But I loved Wife wearing slave collar look so much I actually then bought another RoS collar for myself and I absolutely love wearing mine.

She tolerates me wearing it, but again I've been wearing it for about 8 months now, on and off, sometimes for as long as a week at a time.

I can count on one hand how many times someone has actually noticed it and not once was the comment negative. It makes me feel a little edgy, different, and maybe even a little bit controversial. My favourite look is dressed all in black Another collar-loving male here.

My gf quite likes me wearing leather wristbands or a leather thong round my neck, possibly a leather choker or collar need to explore Wife wearing slave collar one more :D. I also have a couple of ROS type collars and wore one a few days back when I was out with her for the day. I think she was a bit surprised Wife wearing slave collar some people we passed would have seen it, but she was pretty cool with it.

As we're on holiday it's much easier than at home : My gf prefers the leather to the steel which she finds a bit "alternative", and wonders what other people must be thinking when they see Wife wearing slave collar. Maybe I've just reached a stage in life where I don't care so much anymore The collars are pretty visible most of the time as they are reasonably close fitting and are stacked just at the bottom of my neck.

As the weather's been good I've sometimes Nude girl on cruise ship been wearing a T-shirt so the 2 collars are then completely visible round my neck.

Mostly we've been out walking in the countryside so have not met so many people but there have been some and we have also been into the odd shop and bar. I was also wearing a punk spiked leather belt - maybe that's an easier way of pulling it off, as a punk thing.

I'm planning to keep the collars on till we get home this weekend. As the previous poster says, it's good to make the most of what Wife wearing slave collar can get even if it's not everything I might want Wife wearing slave collar I'm very lucky my gf Wife wearing slave collar so accepting, even if she doesn't particularly like the steel collars or want to wear one herself. Even a week ago, how ever much I might have dreamt about it I never in a million years thought I'd actually be wandering around in public openly wearing 2 steel collars.

So maybe everyone is thinking "bondage" or "weird" or "cool" or "I wish I had the nerve to do that" or Wife wearing slave collar, I have no idea. But is it any of my business what they are thinking ;- As I said I'm really enjoying wearing these collars and hope any of you out there who want to do something similar, or different, but ultimately harmless, are able to do so. We are the lucky ones I guess and need to remember that. Florida Dom's Corner.

Wednesday, January 8, Wearing a steel collar in public. I was waiting at the shop to get my car repaired today when a woman walked in wearing a steel collar around her neck with a ring in the front. I've seen pictures of these steel collars but never seen one being worn in public. I debated whether to say anything to her and I finally said, "Do you wear that all the time? But she wasn't continuing the conversation so I stopped.

I didn't want Wife wearing slave collar make her uncomfortable but would have loved to ask her more about what it's like wearing it in public. Do any of you wear any kind Wife wearing slave collar collars in Wife wearing slave collar Posted by Florida Dom at PM.

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