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My first wife and I had a good marriage. We were married for almost 20 years, and the funny thing about it, was it wasn't due to a boring sex life. It was other things that messed it up.

Too bad, cause it took me almost 12 years to get my wife to do handle my fantasies. When I first met my wife she was a 20 year old virgin. I married her one year later. She was very shy and didn't like to look at other men.

She was a very old fashioned type of women. Her Spanish heritage had brought her up to live for her husband and does whatever he asked. After Shy wife learn to fuck 4 years of marriage, which we had two kids already at Shy wife learn to fuck time. I always had a fantasy to watch another man fuck her. When I first entertained that idea to her, she was upset and felt as though she would betray me if something like that happened.

In the 80's the VCR'S were becoming very popular and x rated moves were all over the place. The first time I brought a porno movie for her to watch, she sat there with her mouth wide opened. Like I said she was a virgin, and she never seen another male, besides her little brothers until she met me.

She always thought that Hairy hot horney girls was packing a big dick. In actuality, I was only Xxx big tits bra see through a mere 5 inches, and not quite the girth of those big porno stars.

I started bring movies home showing married women fucking around and I told her that it happens all the time. While I was stationed in Shy wife learn to fuck, I noticed that she started to check other men's crotches out more often. So Shy wife learn to fuck would get drunk and do a little coke and watch porn's and fuck in the living room.

When I got out Shy wife learn to fuck the service we continued to watch movies Shy wife learn to fuck we fucked. For awhile years 5 it got pretty boring sex. When ever she would discuss other men flirting with her, I would instantly get horny and want to fuck.

After 12 years of marriage, every time we fucked, I would do her Shy wife learn to fuck and I would ask her "what does this pussy want baby", and she would say "a big fat cock", I would say "how big? We would discuss it and sometimes I would go out to strip clubs and video stores to look for some cock for her, while she waited at home in her lingerie.

One day I went to a liquor store and there was a book behind the counter that was titled "local swingers", so I bought it and took it home. We went through the book and found a couple of big cocks that wanted married women with and without husband's knowledge. So Elizabeth berkley nude naked contacted this one guy, his name was "Jim", in the book it said, "Let your wife play with this tonight, guarantee she'll love it", I couldn't believe the size of his big head and the shaft was long and fat.

His balls hung down and looked like they must have weighed at least 5 lbs each. I contacted this guy and I explained that she has never had another cock, and we were madly in love, but wanted to spice it up. He asked me about her physical appearance. I told him, she's 4'11", petite, with a big round ass, nice thighs and meaty boobs. I told Shy wife learn to fuck that she sucks cock well and wants to suck a big dick, stroke it, and get fucked. I usually fucked her for at least 5 minutes and when we started talking about other dicks I would get so excited and cum everywhere.

I told her that she was fixed and he could cum in her. I told her that she didn't like it in the ass, and she didn't swallow cum either. So I set it up for him to come over and I told Shy wife learn to fuck that he would have to jump in the shower first, and come out wearing some tight revealing underwear and sit with us and watch movies and that we would let it go from there.

So we got rid of the kids for the night, and we had the apartment to ourselves. My wife put on her outfit, and makeup and she looked good as hell.

I told my wife that this guy would probably fuck the shit out of her good, because once he seen my cock, he would know that you want some dick. Anyway, the big night came, and the knock on the door. Oh shit, no backing out now. We were already high and had drunk some beer. I said Hello Jim, and I introduced my wife to him, of course she was wearing a robe over her outfit.

He said, well let me take a quick shower and I'll be right out. So we put on our favorite action packed porno on with the volume pretty lowthan when the bathroom door opened, Mature asian massage blowjob was only wearing this tight thong that Naked one piece girls covered his cock, and part of his balls were hanging out.

I told him Shy wife learn to fuck have a seat, right next to my wife, he sat down, and my wife had her robe off, and was wearing her black and red lingerie.

I went and got Jim Shy wife learn to fuck beer, and when I came back I handed it to him, he said thanks, took two big gulps and sat it down.

I told my wife to rub our dicks while we watch Shy wife learn to fuck movie, and she was rubbing our cocks through our shorts. He asked my wife if she would like to take his underwear off and she said sure.

He stood in front of her and as we were sitting down, we both looked up at him and he looked like he was 7 feet tall. She pulled them down and this huge fucking dick popped out. And his balls were huge. So I pulled mine off as well. He sat down and told her to go ahead and touch it and play with it. She was playing with both cocks and I was already set to cum I was so excited.

So I told her, hey baby, I think you need to hands on that. So she knelt down in front of him and Shy wife learn to fuck between his legs, and I positioned her ass up doggy style and started eating her pussy.

She was moaning, and he asked her "do you like it", and she said yes, she kept saying how juicy it is. I heard her slurping on his head. Than I started fucking her doggy style, while she sucked his cock. I pulled out and squirted all over her ass. I told him, that if I cum, she's all yours. So he looked at me, and said, do you want me to take over. I got up and wiped myself off and got another beer. When I got back, he was sitting there with her pussy Shy wife learn to fuck his face, licking her cunt like I never did, and she was slurping and stroking his dick.

She was red hot, and so was her pussy. His cock was throbbing so hard and looked like it was going to burst at the head. The head was purple, so he picked her up and took her to the room, since she was all his now.

I stayed out and watched the porno and played with my cock watching both the porno and my wife getting her pussy filled up with big fat, hot meat. He layed on the edge of the bed and sat my wife on his cock.

He grabbed her titties and he would say do you like it and all she said was yes, yes. He bounced her up and down on his dick for at least 10 minutes. She had two orgasms on his cock. His balls were dripping.

I think he shot a load in that pussy at the same time she orgasm because both of them were in complete heaven. They came back to the living room. He asked her to stroke his cock and she complied like he was already controlling her like her new fuck master.

She loved stroking that big long hard cock. Than he told her to get on the floor for a doggy fuck. I told him before he came that she loves it doggy. He made her reach back and spread her ass cheeks to open up her pussy. He kept telling me, damn she is tight. He fucked her slow and hard, fast and steady for at almost 20 minutes in which she came again and than he let a big load, and let her jerk it and she was licking his cum and she was swallowing some of it too.

The entire house seemed hot. Afterwards, which of course by now I am usually sleeping, but this guy asked if he could talk to her some more, and I said okay for a little while. I didn't want to lose my wife on the first time we actually did something.

Finally, he left and gave her a kiss and told me to call him tomorrow. Which we both agreed that afterwards we would contact each other to see if we wanted to do a repeat. Anyway, after the guy left, I ate her pussy and fucked her again. While I was fucking her she said to me, bring Jim back here right now.

I want his cock. The next day, I asked her if she enjoyed it and how she felt. She told me it was great. So I called Jim up at work, and asked him if he liked it, and he said "Damn, you've got a nice hot lady there, hell yeah, anytime you guy's want me, just call me, please call me" I told him that she really enjoyed him as well. It was amazing because for one month after that meeting we fucked every minute we could.

It really spiced things up. Written by: xperienced4u. Home Stories Tags Search Cams.

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