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It was a balmy summer night on our friendly dead end street. Families were out strolling, chatting and visiting. The weekly basketball game played in my driveway was still in progress as the neighbors watched with Woman spanked in public excitement.

The players were four boys from my junior high school class. Each one more athletic than the next. I had a crush on Peter, the tall, handsome one holding the ball. Feeling a bit awkward around the crowd and Peter in particular, I poorly navigated my bike into the garage and accidentally bumped Peter causing him to miss his shot… The spectators, my neighbors and their parents were so vested, they booed me. Totally embarrassed, I scurried into the garage. Glad to be away from the angered fans, I took a few breaths of relief.

Then, because of my debacle I heard them call a 20 minute break. Feeling nervous, I carefully leaned my bike against the wall where it belonged Woman spanked in public turned to creep out the far side of the garage.

I was hoping not to be noticed. It Woman spanked in public me shiver. I moved quickly towards her so as not to draw any more attention Woman spanked in public myself.

Once beside her, in her strictest voice she told me to go up to my room and get it ready. We both knew what that meant. Hoping no one else did, I hurried inside privately humiliated.

Mother then beckoned Peter away from his friends saying she needed his assistance inside. But, my mother was a very strict parent and I knew there was no way she was going to understand my point of view.

Without my knowledge, she and Peter were already upstairs in the hallway. With curiosity, but without question, he did what Woman spanked in public was told. When Mother entered the room I could Woman spanked in public by the look on her face that she had not forgotten her promise. Realizing that she meant business, my hands began sweating and I started shifting from side to side. Verbally reprimanding me, she pointed out that my decision to interrupt the game had been another poor one.

Especially since my last spanking was only a month ago. How quickly I forgot…Then my verdict was Woman spanked in public Mother was going to have Woman spanked in public step up my punishment. This time my unconscious actions were going to be corrected in front of the person I had wronged. After all, it was Woman spanked in public fault Woman spanked in public I would have to live with the consequences.

Before grasping the full meaning of her words, she told me to lay over the pillows with my bottom up high. Crawling slowly towards Woman spanked in public inevitable doom I knew my Mother was right.

Peter was standing there holding a thermometer and a jar of Vaseline! Mortified beyond compare, with my bottom up in the air, my mind began Woman spanked in public screaming from embarrassment. Was Mother really going to take my bottom temperature with Peter watching? I had had dreams about Peter coming up to my room before… Just not for something as humiliating as this! I peeked and saw him staring directly at me lying over the piled pillows. Being beckoned by Mother, he stepped onto my pink shag carpet.

By the look on his face I could tell he was still processing what he was seeing. Mother then began to explain in detail what was going to happen and why. As punishment for disturbing his game, I was going to be given a proper bare bottom spanking in front of him. Woman spanked in public simply told him to poke the thermometer into the Vaseline while she lowered my pants. Hearing her words made me shiver and my bottom pinch up.

I could feel my crack become exposed as Peter fumbled with the lid of the jar. She then tapped my thighs which I knew meant she wanted me to spread my legs some so my most private area was exposed for him to see.

Eventually, he stood with the thermometer greased up and ready for entry into my rear end. Feeling completely ashamed, with legs apart, I buried my head. Hearing this made Peter and I both start Woman spanked in public sweat. Mother held Woman spanked in public her hand and Peter carefully handed her the readied mercury tube.

It was always distressing when Mother took my bottom temperature, but knowing that Peter was there to watch turned it into a nightmare. Without any concern for my level of discomfort, Mother told Peter to stand closer and watch as she spread my cheeks and slid the greasy tube into my bottom hole.

With both of them focused on my anus, I squirmed as the thermometer tunneled its way up my rectum. Tears were already rolling down my other set of cheeks. She then told him to watch my bottom to make sure the thermometer stayed in place while she went to wash her hands. He was also told to open my front window.

The one that overlooked the basketball hoop and the crowd outside. It was the same window I used to secretly peek out from to watch Peter practice basketball. Leaving me with Peter watching the thermometer sticking out of my bare bottom I could only whimper with shame. After that, only silence. Awkwardly he Woman spanked in public across my pink carpet, past my stuffed animal collection to open the window as instructed. Worried about how much he could see between my legs I slyly shifted them back together.

After, he quickly moved back to check my thermometer positioning. I pinched it tightly so as to have no loss occur on his watch. Exactly five minutes later Mother walked back in my room giving Peter an approving nod.

She leaned over me, pulled out the cooked tube and handed it to Peter. Seems she had left her glasses in the other room and wanted him to read my temperature. I hoped he would lie and tell her I had one. Mother wasted no time telling Peter that she wanted him to watch closely and learn. If I were ever to behave poorly around him in the future, he had her permission to do what she was about to do. With that said, Mother sat down on the bed next to me and took my pants off completely.

Then she slapped my thighs again demanding I spread my legs and expose my entire backside. Whatever dignity I had left was gone. I started to pull away but Mother grabbed me around my waist with her left arm and Woman spanked in public began paddling my rear end with her right.

She was strong and knew just how to spank me for the best effect. I had nowhere to go to escape the heat that was landing on my bottom. Kicking with my legs apart, my tender bottom bounced with each smack. After a long round of direct numbing spanks on my bare bottom, she paused. Still holding me firmly, she continued to explain how this was the only way to deliver a proper and effective spanking.

With that she began another round of solid burning smacks; faster and harder. Peter was clearly able to see the welts forming. As mother intended, this public paddling added a whole new dimension of humiliation I had never felt before.

When Mother stopped for the second time she began to rub my bottom. I peeked to see what Peter was doing. He was still standing there staring at my punished bottom. Letting go of her tight hold on me Mother reiterated her concern for learning my lesson. Emphatically I quickly answered that I had indeed Woman spanked in public my lesson this time. Then, catching my breath I began wiping the tears from my face and reached for my pants and panties piled on the floor.

But Mother was still not completely satisfied. She told me to leave my pants off and go stand in the corner with my face to the wall. To demean me further, for five minutes Peter was to watch me stand in the corner with a blistered red Woman spanked in public. Awkwardly I crawled off the bed towards my stuffed animals.

As I did, Peter was not only able to see my spanked backside, but also my most personal Woman spanked in public side as well. Mother then asked Peter if he had any questions. Mother told him to watch me while I stood in the corner for five more minutes.

Then, after putting my pants back on, he was to accompany me back outside to watch the game. It was about to begin. The only saving grace I could come up with as I gingerly pulled up my pants was the fact that only Peter knew and saw what Mother had done to me. Watching me, he looked me in the eye for the first time and quietly said he was sorry.

Taking a deep breath I slowly lead us out of my bedroom, down the stairs and outside where the crowd was getting anxious. When they saw Peter behind me, the cheers began.

He went ahead to the court and I stepped behind some adult spectators so as not to be noticed.

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