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Sex tourism in Dubrovnik is as old as tourism itself. And we're not thinking about the usual prostitution which is illegal in Croatia, but more about the so-called Sexy picture text messages. Galebari are men who are neither married nor in a relationship, but who keep changing partners over and over again, especially during the Girls wanting sex in mostar season.

Galebari, however, don't change women while they're with a lady — they are completely devoted to her. They are true gentlemen, their woman comes first and foremost and they'll do anything to make her feel like a queen. In that moment there is no one else, she's in the center of attention, until her vacation is over.

She will then be replaced by another and the cycle continues. Dubrovnik galebari are very talkative, they speak several languages, know all the local secrets, so women seeking a summer adventure will find them the best Girls wanting sex in mostar guides for their holiday.

Although most women realize those adventures are only transient and that galebari don't mean anything seriously, they nevertheless give in to the summer passion and with nostalgia look back at the days when they met a local playboy. More often than not, those relationships continue during the winter when galebari are the ones who go Girls wanting sex in mostar vacation.

A large number of Dubrovnik galebari has never been married because they truly enjoy their calling, and the women don't hold against them the fact they don't want any serious commitment. For most of them, so they say, a nice memory of a man who's helped bring back their self-esteem and made them feel relaxed so they could enjoy life once again is more than enough. You can meet Dubrovnik galebari at the beaches where locals go swimming, but some of them also swim at the hotel beaches.

You'll recognize them by their self-confidence when approaching women, bronze tan and well-kept body that they work on every day. They always meet their lovers at the beach, far less often in bars and night clubs. The beaches are an indispensable part of summer sexual excitement in Dubrovnik.

Many couples who enjoy the sun and the sea completely let go of everything and make love on Dubrovnik beaches. Don't be surprised if, at beaches like the one below Girls wanting sex in mostar old hospital, Orsula, Gorica, Boninovo, Belvedere, Betina cave, Cava and other hidden corners with fewer people, you see a couple passionately making love. Girls wanting sex in mostar island of Lokrum is special, also known as the island of love.

Its hidden bays and forest trails are ideal for those somewhat exhibitionist couples. The gay beach on Lokrum is especially well known, where couples sometimes give in to summer passion on the wings of their raging hormones. Sex in public places in Dubrovnik is common on boats and in parks. For those of you who want to enjoy an erotic dance on your night out, we recommend the strip club in Revelin.

Although prostitution in Croatia, and in Dubrovnik, is not allowed, it is possible to hire girls. The prices, because it is illegal, are sky-high.

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