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When most people think of European beaches, topless women and guys wearing Speedos most of whom should not be doing so probably come to mind. In the morally rigid Black curved ass porn States, the latter is unfortunately legal, while the Topless women at beaches qualifies as indecent exposure. This is no longer the case, however, in Ocean City, Maryland, where the beach patrol has been instructed to let topless beachgoers go about their topless beach business in peace.

Related: 'Baywatch' brings you back to the beach—kicking and screaming. The formal request came from Chelsea Covington, a national advocate for "topfreedom," which seeks to "normalize female bare-chestedness.

The law was unclear, so Meehan asked the state's attorney general for an opinion. Covington's desire to be treated fairly under the Equal Protection Law, but at the same time we hope to be able to protect the rights of the thousands of families that visit our beach every year.

Covington felt like the case was clear, as Maryland has an "absolute prohibition" standard against gender classification, meaning genders cannot be treated differently. If men are allowed to go topless on the beach, Covington argues, then women should be able to as well. Covington was told that the opinion from Topless women at beaches attorney general would arrive in three to nine months, and now, nine months later, women can bare all on Ocean City beaches, unfettered.

Not everyone is happy with the decision, though. A spokesperson for the city told WJZ Baltimore that the mayor and city council are "strongly opposed" to the decision and are looking into legal ways to prevent topless Topless women at beaches on the beach.

The city's police department has said it will address the issue on a case-by-case basis. At least for now, toplessness is indeed permitted. As of Friday morning, meanwhile, "guys wearing Speedos who shouldn't be" is still legal in Ocean City. Weekly magazine, delivered Daily Newsletter Website access.

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