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Story Story Writer Forum Community. Pairing Plus Filters. Cancel Apply Castle Improvement by CrashFan93 reviews On a hot summer's day, a wealthy business tycoon offers to repair and upgrade Cortex Castle for its residents.

Doctor Neo Cortex along with his minions give their ideas for the re-imagined property Crash bandicoot coco naked sex sign for it. The crew have to live elsewhere while the work is being carried out and they end up staying in the Crash bandicoot coco naked sex place Cortex never thought he would be in his wildest dreams.

Crash Smash by Laid-Back Brit reviews Having completed another race against Doctor Cortex's lab assistants on his motorcycle, Crash is feeling very pleased to have come in first place and won Crash bandicoot coco naked sex crystal needed to foil his evil enemy's plans for world domination - when the goofy bandicoot caused something completely unexpected to happen A Cortex Crises by LilPanther reviews Uka uka threatened Dr Neo Cortex that if he doesn't create a successful plan for world domination then he will destroy something precious to him.

Neo can only turn to his arch enemy for his help. Will enemies turn into friends? Will they stop Uka uka and what secrets will it reveal? Set after Crash Twinsanity. Cortex is about to learn just Crash bandicoot coco naked sex much his Grinchy attitude will affect his life.

Her Memory by Tziput13 reviews The Cortex Vortex space station has been destroyed, and Coco is happy with what she and her brother have managed to do. But Nitrus Brio isn't going to let her go without a few questions, bringing up old events and making her remember about the past she has tried to forget. Crash bandicoot 2 CSB N sane and retold by Theodore the poet reviews What if after the events of the first adventure, Crash bandicoot was not alone?

Crash bandicoot coco naked sex Sex dolls for men to fuck girlfriend whom he rescued, ends up joining him on his second adventure that a returning Neo Cortex sends them both on? Which is to gather the crystals to help him save the earth with them. Or is he? Rated T for suggestive themes and safety. Sometimes the person you hate the most is Crash bandicoot coco naked sex the one you love the most.

After getting Cortex out of Crash's head, and some therapy sessions that were suggested by Coco, Cortex can't seem to shake something he's been feeling for Crash. Leading to a discovery about him and something that the scientist never imagined he'd be asking.

Flatline by Wishmaker reviews An alternate telling to the Crash and Burn series. What if the Evil Twins attack got Cortex in the heart, killing him? This is the story of a young girl trying to find her family.

And a mutant bandicoot trying to find the answer to why. Please read and review! Crash bandicoot coco naked sex always think outside of the box!

A Total Yolk: The N Trance Chronicles by Bandicoot Sauce reviews You've seen him on the race track, and now, get ready to follow the mis adventures French black boys in nude the egg-shaped master of hypnotism from the Fifth Dimension as he tackles his greatest challenge yet - the Crash bandicoot coco naked sex he never knew he wanted. Contains randomness and LOTS of egg puns!

You have been warned. The Bandicoots are surprised when a certain goth girl with metal hands shows up on their doorstep seeking shelter… Crash bandicoot coco naked sex not as surprised as she is. Contains sexual innuendo, dark themes and various pop-culture references. Tertaining Final Act". He's ready fur anything, but is he ready fur this? Todo por tu culpa, Crash Crash bandicoot coco naked sex NickAlex reviews Luego del intento fallido de hacer terapia junto a Crash Bandicoot, el doctor Neo Cortex vuelve a darle una nueva oportunidad para tratar de solucionar sus problemas.

As the children grow, they may end up at war like their parents before them. New faces and old foes will be featured! Crash Bandicoot: More Than N Sane by NoodleIsle reviews Crash, Coco and Crunch face peril all the time, and they can't catch a break, with Cortex plotting their demise each and everyday, they begin to wonder if this is all life has in store for them. Or maybe there's more out there, beyond N Sanity Island and their forest home.

Ranging from K to T. Takes place before, during, and after Crash and Burn. Peace has been restored, thanks once again to Crash and Cortex But what's that in the sky coming this way? An alien ship? Regretful Words by cut3p0n3ga1 Taking place after Crash Of The Titans, after hearing her uncle call her a 'terrible excuse for a niece' before she fought Crash, it effected her deeply, so she goes to talk to her uncle about it alternate AU as Mind Over Mutant doesn't happen here. Originally posted on DA on August 29th, Ticklish by cut3p0n3ga1 When Cortex goes to get Emmy for her check up, he finds out something interesting about her kink warning.

Everyone is a mostly normal human and some characters are even pets to the others. Some of my OCs will appear in this as the main cast as well. Cover art by me, T rating for violence and possibly some suggestive or sensitive topics.

Crash bandicoot coco naked sex are stuck in an unknown location, with the doctors now aged down to mere babies. Uka Uka now has to babysit the two while also searching for a way to escape. His siblings and ancient mask friend give support to the bandicoot hero. Will Isabella say yes? Twinsreality by kizzard Everyone on the island knows that Cortex will return one day. But for one bandicoot in particular, his return might be closer than she thinks.

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