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That'a very reasonable. I'm really Do woman shave their cunts to question the overall movement towards shaved pubes. Things weren't always like this!! I can't stand razor stubble during sex it's painful.

Do woman shave their cunts explanation But do you think that without shaving partner will be happy? That is a good point about your period that I didn't consider.

Do you think it looks childish though? That's something that always throws me off about it. I also wonder if high speed internet porn has normalized the practice as well. What are your thoughts? Thanks Scissor lesbian fuck flash your input. Do you think you do it mostly because it's the norm and everyone does it, or is it really something you have decided on as an individual and prefer to do?

It's a bit of both. Do Do woman shave their cunts poll and you'll see most men say they want it shaved or trimmed, that bush is gross - on the flip side I personally don't like having a bunch of hair on my body period. I prefer the hairless aesthetic. Yea but you're not into "most men" so who cares what they think. Either way Do woman shave their cunts respect your choice as an individual, and I genuinely appreciate that you have considered the aesthetic.

Well my boyfriend prefers it hairless as well so I did have to take that into account, also people will take into account the large preference of Do woman shave their cunts masses as they are more likely to encounter them over the lower percentages who differ. That's my point. Nonetheless it is a personal preference as well and no problem. I get that a woman isn't a child just because her vulva is shaved. But hairless genitals are a pretty fundamental aspect of prepubescence.

It's honestly not that crazy to think a shaved vulva looks prepubescent. You can shave any part of your body and it's fine, but if you shave your pubes it's suddenly compared to kids Just because it's more extreme.

It's a specifically sexual area so it carries more weight there. Plus some women don't have visible leg hair even as adults lucky ducks. One of the first things a male is considered a man is when they start getting hair on their face, getting that little mustache.

The only reason some people think shaved Do woman shave their cunts are kiddish is because they're sexual areas, that's it, because there's many areas that get hair when you become an adult, and no one cares.

I think it's just because it's a sexual and personal area, that people associate that part more with sexual maturity. But personally I do like body hair on a guy because it seems more masculine and sexually mature to me. I just find it gross. Just trying to get people talking haha. I do think that there is a general trend for shaving though and I'm just wondering if women do it more to fit in or because they actually prefer to shave all the time.

Also stubble is like sandpaper during foreplay. Trimmed is too legit to quit. I just always wonder if it's a trend or something?

What, shaving? I don't know I guess shaving or waxing is easier but I have retardedly sensitive skin so waxing is not something I do anyways and I'm not going down there with a full on razor blade.

I already cut my legs enough as it is. No I mean the whole completely smooth zero pubes thing. And yea with sensitive skin that's another reason not to do it. Yeah well some girls shave it Do woman shave their cunts they think it feels good, like shaved legs, or for hygiene reasons, or they think guys like it more bare. You're obviously immature dude.

Otherwise you wouldn't be rude and Do woman shave their cunts that. I hope you have a great day. For future reference anything involving pubes is already funny. I heard that's why women shave theirs.

When women have the period, some may think it's annoying the blood is stuck in the hair. Therefor some of Do woman shave their cunts prefer to shave it off. When they wipe the area, the blood gets easier washed away without hair. I'm not telling you what to do, I'm asking why you do what you do. Women are Do woman shave their cunts mysterious.

Not dirty. Actually I would be fine with that as long as she's clean. I prefer well groomed or trimmed. Do you think it looks childish at all? That's one of the main reasons it throws me off. Not criticizing you just wondering? Yea it's just hair, why all the fuss about it. Could just leave it be and quit messing about.

Their own decision? I thought once a week all women were rounded up and put into forces waxing camps. Of course it's their decision. I'm just asking why? I think some women feel better in shaving instead of waxing and any other method.

Not if you shower. I thought the whole point of pubic hair on women was to prevent contaminating inside your vagina. It's up to each person what they prefer to do. But I answered the asker's question at why some women shave. Some shave because they hates having blood stuck in the hair. Just googled it. Apparently it is hygienic. It acts as a barrier, protecting against potentially harmful bacteria and viruses entering the body.

And the regular act of shaving can lead to skin irritation and damage. While you may decide to shave your public hair for aesthetic reasons, you should be aware that there are no health benefits, with the exception of preventing pubic lice, now uncommon in England.

Listen asker I'm not shaving for ecstatic Do woman shave their cunts at all if I don't shave it starts to itch. You asking her if she has public love and if it runs in the family. Wtf dude lmfao still. Elastephen hahaha finally someone gets it. I was like fuck that went right over her head. Elastephen I hear they throw the sickest pants parties, but I never got an invite. Just ask what's her face Do woman shave their cunts there she knows all about it.

Girl's Behavior. It's a fucking epidemic. Why support the infantilization of women? And not to mention if you have sex two to ten days later the stubble feels like a hundred little razor blades. Share Facebook. Why do women shave their pussies?

Add Opinion. We both shave our pubic areas clean because we both enjoy oral sex and neither one of us likes getting stray pubic hairs into our mouths. We're not cats. We're not Do woman shave their cunts coughing up hairballs. So we shave each other bare once a week.

I shave him and he shaves me. That makes it easy. I think his shaved cock is sexy and he thinks my shaved pussy is sexy. It's a win win for both of us.

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