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Rudy Giuliani 's seen the Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club on the wall -- about President Trump possibly rolling over on him -- and it makes him laugh, because he insists he has an impeccable track record. We got Trump's attorney Monday evening at Reagan National, and remained defiant after the reports of a new federal investigation into his consulting biz.

Hizzoner told us he's confident his nearly 30 years of friendship with Trump means there won't be any double-cross. Giuliani added he's got 50 years of "ethical, dedicated practice of the law.

Rudy Gorgeous girls gagged nude to chair pics, "the people pursuing me are desperate, sad, angry, disappointing liars" Watch the clip Giuliani insists this is all about "integrity and honor," and says he's got his Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club beat in those departments.

Offset plus a new bright red Ferrari on the streets of L. Well, that equation is half right. Thing is, we're told he wasn't going much faster than the posted speed limit Our sources say Offset was cooperative, and ultimately he was Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club off with a warning after getting out of the vehicle and having a chat.

The cop just told him to slow down a Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club, and we're told they even hugged it out. From the pics we got, it appears Offset was almost saying "My bad" on the scene.

If he did Besides crushing his insurance premiums, a speeding ticket would've been a sort of christening. Offset's gotta be happy this run-in didn't end as badly as his recent Atlanta-area traffic stopduring which he was slapped with 3 violations Kelly accuser Lisa Van Allen isn't convinced the singer's alleged sex slave, Joycelyn Savagereally has flipped -- because she claims some of the purported tell-alls doesn't make sense.

Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club, who was featured on "Surviving R. Kelly" said "Rob," as she calls him, just doesn't use them. She added, Joycelyn referring to someone "letting her speak" is odd, because with Kelly locked up, who'd be pulling the strings financially? Now, don't get it twisted Lisa says she still believes the singer's done horrible things to multiple women -- she just doesn't buy Joycelyn's actually speaking freely now.

Lisa's also got beef with Lifetime when it comes to "Surviving R. Kelly: The Aftermath. Tekashi 6ix9ine has at least one legal woe off his plate -- his mall attack case out of Houston has been tossed out The State of Texas formally requested to have Tekashi's assault charges stemming from an alleged altercation completely dismissed, and a judge signed off on it Monday.

As for why it got tossed -- first, the state says the complaining witness -- or the alleged victim in Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club case -- requested it be so The kid who allegedly got choked out by Tekashi later showed up to one of the rapper's court hearings in the matter and posed with him.

You'll recall At the hearing, Santiago told Tekashi's attorney that he wanted to drop the charges, and also apparently said he'd expressed that to the prosecution too. Looks like they listened. Tekashi's attorney, Carl A. Hernandez has not been notified yet of the dismissal. We plan Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club notify him today. I am happy the prosecutors handling this case did what was fair and just today in Dismissing the charge against Mr.

We hope that Jpg files in latex this case behind him will assist in him moving forward with his career. There's one more reason the state cited for wanting the case dismissed Of course, they're referring to Tekashi69's snitching Tekashi hasn't been sentenced in his racketeering casebut the hope is the feds will cut him a break now that he's been singing for them from the canary cage and helped them score convictions against others.

Michael Vick says Myles Garrett screwed up his explanation for his helmet-swinging attack on Mason Rudolph No one wants to hear that now. As we previously reported Garrett says the reason he lost his mind on Rudolph in the Steelers-Browns brawl earlier this month is because the Pittsburgh QB Happy birthday naked girl a racial slur at him.

As for Rudolph's punishment for his role in the melee That's it! David Johnson Jr. Heart-breaking news in the search for Aniah Blanchard Cops have been searching for Aniah ever since she was abducted from a Chevron station on Oct.

Days after her disappearanceofficials had found Aniah's car, which was covered in blood Cops hunted down Ibraheem Yazeed -- the prime suspect -- who was seen at the gas station with Blanchard in the moments before her abduction. He was arrested in Florida after leading cops on a pursuit and suffered a busted eye during the apprehension. He's since been charged with 1st-degree kidnapping.

Now, terrible news Officials say the remains were found in the Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club between the Chevron Station in Auburn where she went missing and the spot where her car was discovered in Montgomery. A second suspect in Aniah's disappearance was arrested on Friday -- Antwain "Squirmy" Shamar Fisher -- who's also been charged with 1st-degree kidnapping.

According to docs, obtained by TMZ, they've agreed both are flush enough with cash to take care of little Axl on their own. BTW, they also agree to on sharing legal and physical custody. As for splitting up assets and finances -- that remains confidential under their settlement agreement.

Josh Duhamel and Fergie are seeing eye to eye Best pissing sex movies online than 2 years -- it's actually closer to 3 -- since they separated, Fergie and Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club filed their divorce settlement Friday in L.

Superior Court. We don't know the terms of their agreement yet, and a judge still has to sign off. Fergie filed to divorce Josh back in May The exes have one child -- their 6-year-old son, Axl. Fergie wanted joint legal and physical custody. She also wanted to go back to her maiden name, Ferguson. Harry Morton went under the knife to repair a deviated septum just weeks before his death -- and we're told authorities are looking at this as one scenario that could have caused his death.

Sources close to Morton tell us he recently got a septoplasty -- a surgery designed to straighten out the septum to allow for better airflow through the nose. Here's the scenario There's no way of knowing precisely what caused Harry's death until an autopsy is performed What's more As for Stepmom cartoon pics porn theories There are other possibilities as well TMZ broke the story Morton was found unresponsive by a family member at his home in Beverly Hills on Saturday.

He was pronounced dead at his home. Harry's ex, Lindsay Lohanposted a photo of the couple in their heyday on Sunday, captioning the post, "Best friends. Best life. Harry was best known as the founder of the Pink Taco restaurant chain, which became a big hit on the Sunset Strip and has since expanded to other cities. His grandfather, Arniecofounded the incredibly popular Morton's The Steakhouse chain inand his dad, Petercofounded the Hard Rock Cafe empire in Harry worked at HRC for years and later headed Fat black pussy gals the business' development wing.

He was also a volunteer sheriff's deputy in and around L. Morton was recently honored as Reserve Detective of the Year. Bill Cosby says he's got no issue rotting in prison, even if that's for the rest of his life, because he's never going to show a bit of remorse for his crime.

The year-old comedian -- who was found guilty of aggravated indecent assault and sentenced to 3 to 10 years -- gave his first prison interview to Black Press USAand said, "I have 8 years and 9 months left. When I come up for parole, they're not going to hear me say that I have remorse. I was there. I don't care what group of people come along and talk about this when they weren't there. In other words, he's doubling down on maintaining his innocence and throwing away any possibility of an early release.

Parole boards typically want inmates to show some remorse. Cosby also claimed his trial was a complete sham.

There were some other nuggets that came of the interview -- notably, the fact Cosby seems to be somewhat enjoying himself at SCI-Phoenix He says he helps teach and mentor inmates through a program called Mann Up.

Cosby also says he's Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club "privileged man" behind bars, going on to refer his cell as "my penthouse. Cosby added, he's very much concerned for black America He also tried to make a connection between women and how folks buying drugs should consider the pain of mothers.

He says he recently dedicated one of his prison speeches to women, in honor of his wife, Camille. Cosby says his eyes were opened after listening to his wife recount taking their terminally ill adult daughter Lorna gatherer ford bristol strip club the hospital. The implication being -- we think -- is that women are exponentially affected by their children's fates.

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