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On the internet, an active community of shippers has found a welcome home at Tumblr. Every year, the website analyzes its data and comes up with the most popular pairings of the year. The names of two characters who have been shipped are often combined in portmanteaus that refer to the pairings, so Betty and Veronica are collectively known as Beronica.

We asked Amanda Brennan, who is in charge of analyzing traffic at Tumblr, to talk us through the list. Scroll to the bottom for the full list. The Asian lesbian ass fingering above, from season three, is a nice sampling of their so-far platonic relationship. Brennan said of the pairing, popularly known as Klance. Brennan said. But Ms.

Brennan did point out that shipping tends to skew male-male, and she was pleased that there were several relationships between Cute tumblr couples in new york on the list. But as the concept has become more familiar, many have accepted it as an aspect of fan culture. Shipping may seem like a playful pastime. Cute tumblr couples in new york Who Do You Ship? Log In. Some actors actively embrace the ship. Park Jimin and Jeon Jungkook, Jikook 6.

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